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John Fury faces ban calls following assault, aggressive behavior

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John Fury is facing calls for the father of Tyson Fury to be banned from the event in Saudi Arabia following his outrageous behavior.

The former boxer assaulted a member of Team Oleksandr Usyk before screaming at and attempting to go after others involved with the unified heavyweight champion. The scenes got ugly on only day one of the build-up to the undisputed battle.

Some took to social media to call on Fury to be frozen out of the rest of the event.

“They need to ban John Fury from these events,” said one commenter.

Another tweet from @chrismartinfilm read: “Always thought John Fury was an embarrassment, but he’s now clearly a bully. He’s picked the smallest guy there, who looks about 18 and stuck the nut in him.

“I hope the wee guy sues him back to the Stone Age. Ban him for life.”

A third stated: “Bruv, can someone please ban John Fury from boxing events from now on, please? He’s been doing way too much for the longest. Now he’s gone and head-butted some guy and split his own head open.”

Son Tyson Fury was filmed in the aftermath, asking his father what happened, as the WBC titleholder was not in the immediate vicinity when the incidents went down.

Once he found out, Fury seemed quite happy with what transpired. The rest of Team Fury then cheered as some shouted ‘Spartans’ in other clips. Fury’s other family members were seen acting aggressively, and the whole atmosphere went dark.

Apart from one head-to-head shunting with the elder Fury, it’s hard to see what Usyk’s team member did to deserve the Glasgow kiss.

Usyk’s promoter, Alexander Krassyuk, thought one of his team had struck Fury due to the cut on his head. This wasn’t the case, as he explained to Boxing King Media.

“I said, let me deal with my guys, I’ll take care of that; I give you my word if someone was wrong, he will be out of the team,” said Krassyuk. “That’s what I told him. Now I see that no-one was wrong. But someone from their team was wrong. Would they do the same? It’s up to them.

“I saw John Fury was bleeding, it was almost out of control, so I jumped in and told everyone to calm down. I apologised for my guys because I thought initially that my guy, one of our guys, hit John. But then I saw the video, and it was the opposite! So I have to take my apologies back, or what? What should I do? It was his misbehavior.”

What happens during the rest of the fight week can only be imagined at this point.

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