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Home » Gervonta Davis threatens Floyd Mayweather after ‘fight off’ claim

Gervonta Davis threatens Floyd Mayweather after ‘fight off’ claim

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Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather continued their ongoing feud as the former friends’ relationship spirals into the abyss.

‘Tank’ had to respond on social media after Mayweather claimed his fight with Frank Martin on June 15 wouldn’t occur. Mayweather said, “This is sad. Hopefully, it’s just a rumor,” before deleting the post.

Davis fired back, pointing to a World Boxing News report that Mayweather failed to attend a Mexico press conference on Wednesday. Mayweather had agreed to a $1 million fee to promote a rematch with John Gotti III in the region but was not at the media gathering. He later deleted the original bulletin stating his next fight would be in Mexico.

The WBA lightweight champion replied: “He’s out here scamming people again,” while sharing the WBN story. He added: “Taking money from people again!

“He’s one of the greats, though. He made a billion dollars from the sport. Where did the money go, Floyd? He said it was canceled, and it’s not true. Keep talking, and I’ll pull up to your house now and lay hands on you.”

The Al Haymon fighter later told fans to keep buying tickets to assure them the fight next month was still happening despite a recent argument over a rehydration clause.

After Gilberto Mendoza wrongly told Chris Mannix of DAZN that the Davis vs Martin fight would have a twelve-pound rehydration clause, ex-WBN writer Dan Rafael cleared up the situation.

“Been asked this a lot past couple of days. Here’s the answer: No, Davis vs Martin has no rehydration clause. WBA is planning to follow IBF by requiring a fight morning weight check. But this fight was already done, and it won’t be part of it. Possible for future WBA title bouts.”

The Fight Freaks Unite creator added: “It has been ordered, but the WBA champ committee hadn’t notified Martin, and the fight was signed. It won’t be used. Not a controversy. It wasn’t like Tank was asking for one. He wasn’t, per those involved.”

Additionally, Davis had faced accusations of pressing the WBA to change its rules. The two-weight world champion flatly denied those claims.

“I didn’t know about this s*** until yesterday on Twitter. But why’s everybody mad? We have to weigh in at the same weight and come into the fight at the same weight? What the f*** is the problem?”

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