Hot mic recording catches Eddie Hearn, Dillian Whyte discussing drug fail

Dillian Whyte Eddie Hearn video

Promoter Eddie Hearn and British heavyweight Dillian Whyte entered the post-fight press conference for the Oscar Rivas win on the back of a whirlwind few days.

After Whyte tested positive for metabolites of Dianabol, a performance enhancing steroid, Hearn is alleged to have arranged a super-quick hearing to make sure his Pay-Per-View went ahead as planned.

Despite the failure, UKAD, the British Boxing Board, and Hearn continued with the fight. All without informing Oscar Rivas or the WBC of what transpired.

This is where the real uproar ignites and will continue until the ‘B’ sample result comes back.

Whyte was eventually cleared to compete by UKAD and the BBBofC. He was obviously relieved to get the win after what was a turbulent build-up.

As the pair sat down, it became immediately apparent what they were discussing. Little did they know that the microphones, of which there were several, were already feeding back.

Hearn admitted he had provisions in place if the news had leaked prior, whilst Whyte was concerned after passing two initial tests.

The footage, caught here in full by The Sportsman between one and two minutes, clearly shows Hearn and Whyte saying the following:

(Volume up to listen)

Dillian Whyte: ****ing Hell.

Eddie Hearn: Alright Mate?

DW: ****ing hell in it, Jesus Christ bruv. I haven’t slept at all the last couple of days.

EH: Nor have I, but I didn’t have to fight.

DW: ***** sake.

EH: Mate, that was the miracle of all miracles wasn’t it?

DW: That’s the difference between being a professional.

EH: I had everything, I had a statement for you ready to go. He just phoned me up and was like, we did it, and I was like, oh.

DW: I need to keep my hair for some reason. It’s a ****ing stitch-up. I passed two tests in two days and then one in a million.


Judging by the clip, that’s what is said between the pair as the sound quality was on point. At the end of the quote, Hearn is seen informing Whyte of the microphones. The pair then cease the conversation.

The transcript doesn’t make things any better for either Hearn or Whyte, plus UKAD and the BBBofC’s decision to allow the PPV to happen.

Both had faced fierce criticism since the revelation hit.

This situation is set to run and run until things are fully cleared up as Whyte fights for his career and reputation on the past week’s events.

No acknowledgment or denial has yet come from either of those in the video.