Dillian Whyte test ‘not swept under carpet, it was dealt with’ – Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn Dillian Whyte

📷 Dave Thompson

Promoter Eddie Hearn has refuted accusations a positive drug test was swept under the carpet before Dillian Whyte fought Oscar Rivas.

Despite Whyte going through a secret doping hearing the day of the fight, and the details not revealed to Rivas or sanctioning body the WBC, Hearn says all was above board.

Speaking to Sirius XM in a radio appearance on Friday evening, Hearn continued to take certain questions on the matter.

When asked about the lack of disclosure, Hearn said: “This sort-of perception that this was brushed under the carpet pre-event and wasn’t dealt with – but it was dealt with.”

To his credit, Hearn has not shied away from journalists during what has been a hectic week during the Maurice Hooker v Jose Ramirez build-up.

But the Matchroom boss is still to address key points.

1/ Were there PED’s involved?

2/ Why was Rivas not informed of the test?

3/ Why were the WBC not told?


In the opposite corner that night was Russ Anber, CEO of Rival Boxing and a good friend of Rivas.

He believes Hearn and Whyte’s actions should lead to Rivas being made WBC mandatory challenger. Anber also wants the result changed to at least a no contest.

“I think it’s a no brainer that the decision is going to get cancelled,” Anber exclusively told World Boxing News. “According to everything we have, the decision has to be reversed. It has to be declared a no-contest at worse, if not an outright disqualification.

“Rivas has to be installed as the mandatory, that’s just basic. With everything that happened with the gloves and with the positive test I don’t think the result can be forced to stand despite any suspension or fine that might be levied against Dillian Whyte.

“You can’t have a result based on someone who was dirty, I mean, it can’t hold up. So many fighters have had their records changed as a result if that.

“So you test positive, I cant see how you can keep the record. I firmly believe the WBC will definitely not stand by the result or the promised mandatory position to Dillian Whyte.”