Manny mark II: Young Jimmy Pacquiao has some massive shoes to fill

Manny Pacquiao Jr

Team Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao posted a video this week as young Jimuel (Emmanuel Jr.) trained under the watchful eye of his famous father.

Pacquiao Sr. is overseeing the early development of his son. Jimmy is keen to fight after being bitten by the boxing bug.

A recent amateur test bout proved to be a success for Jimmy, despite ending up in a draw. The 19 year-old created headlines around the world. Meaning prospective promoters will be keeping an eye on Jimmy’s situation.

For now, Jimmy is being kept out of the spotlight for the most part as he learns his craft. But judging by Manny turning pro at just 16, it won’t be long before Jimmy has a big decision to make.

Competing in Asia for the first six years of his career, Manny eventually fulfilled his American dream. He went far beyond anyone’s expectations.

Those expectations are now set to be heaped squarely on Jimmy’s shoulders. Something Manny will be keen to underplay.

Boxing eyes are already cast firmly on Jimmy’s every moment in the sport. If, when and where he turns pro is also in the mind of every Manny Pacquiao fan.

‘Pacman’ has millions of followers on social media. Add to that a mass of people supporting him from the Philippines and further afield.

Jimmy will inherit a large portion of those backers. And it will be up to his dad to make sure he keeps the teenager on the straight and narrow.


Built in the image of Manny, Jimmy is a highly recognizable figure and would certainly be a hit should he ever set foot in the United States.

Manny is a household name in the Land of Opportunity. It surely won’t be long until Jimmy branches out after witnessing his father compete there on many occasions.

Mother Jinkee is already proud to see her son taking steps in the ring.

“Oh, Lord, Your Will be done in my son’s life! I know he can do all things through You who strengthens him. To God be all the glory!” she said.

Due back in the ring this summer, Manny is having one final fling as a world champion. That’s before all his resources can be placed into a bid to be President of his home country and Jimmy moving forward.

Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter and of course, Floyd Mayweather – have all been linked to facing the WBA welterweight ruler next.

Having a mentor like Manny can only be a huge help to Jimmy as he carves out his own pugilistic path.