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Manny Pacquiao Jr. reveals favorite win of father’s brilliant career

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Manny Pacquiao Jr. revealed his favorite victory, having watched his father, Manny Sr., complete one of the most significant boxing careers ever.

Junior, who goes by the name “Jimuel” to stand out from his father, embarked on his boxing career and is currently training in Las Vegas.

As he continued preparations for another step on the pugilistic ladder, Pacquiao Jr. listed a total of three, but one that towered over the others.

Pacquiao’s amazing 2010 domination of Antonio Margarito in Texas had the world and his son in awe.

Manny Pacquiao Jr’s favorite ‘Pac-Man’ win

“Watching that, one of the best fights, in my opinion,” Pacquiao Jr. told The Las Vegas Review-Journal about his dad stepping up to his highest career weight class of 154 pounds.

“Watching him fight like that, I could imagine what he would feel too if he was to watch me go pro,” he added.

Special mentions went to Pacquiao for avenging his unspeakable robbery against Timothy Bradley and his history-making triumph over Keith Thurman in 2019.

Through witnessing his father make history, Jimuel asked for consideration for his own tenure in the sport. It was a bone of contention for Pacquiao Sr. as he never wanted any of his children to fight.

“He didn’t want us to follow in his footsteps because he knows how hard the sport is. He [didn’t] want us to go through all the hardships and the hurt,” stated the youngster.

“I asked him to do the same for me because I really love this sport. It’s pretty cool, man, and I want the fans to enjoy the show.”

Touching on his decision to continue studying while boxing, Pacquiao Jr. added: “Anything can happen. This is a dangerous sport. I need something to fall back on.”

Legend in his corner

In addition, Pacquiao states having someone in his corner like the great Manny Pacquiao can only help him in his career donning the gloves.

“Every time we’re on the phone, it’s always about training, boxing, and all that stuff. We do the usual thing.

“We ask each other how we are. But man, it transitions to boxing really, really quick.

“I’m lucky to have him as a dad. He’s an eight-division champion and a champion in four decades. I’m lucky to have that mentorship. I try to take in whatever I can,” he concluded.

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