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Home » Shane Mosley labels Liam Smith v Jimmy Kelly a ‘bull*** fight’

Shane Mosley labels Liam Smith v Jimmy Kelly a ‘bull*** fight’

Mosley offered Smith the chance to defend his newly acquired WBO super welterweight title against him for a cut-price fee, which was rejected by promoter Warren due to the current ranking status of the American.

As the 43 year-old is unrated in the Top 15 by the WBO, Smith was unable to choose the veteran for the Manchester Arena date and instead plumped for the unheralded Mancunian Jimmy Kelly. Mosley believes that due to his past achievements and good standing in the sport, sanctioning could have been arranged and says Warren is just avoiding the contest to protect his fighter.

“It’s a b******t fight,” Mosley told World Boxing News.

“These fights are the reasons that UK fighters typical are not on the level of US fighters. It’s too small of a pool and they are always fighting each other.

“Blowing a fight with me off for the price I was giving and agreeing to their b******t terms was a once in a lifer and they blew it. Their excuse of the WBO not sanctioning is BS.

“We all know how the sanctioning bodies work and they needed a reason to back out of the fight. Everyone saw through it, but now Warren has made Smith into a laughing stock and it’s pathetic.

“The fight is an easy win for Liam and that’s why they choose him for December 19,” he added.

Having already lined a spring clash against a well-known name, Mosley will move on regardless – although the UK fans will miss out on seeing a true legend of the sport in the flesh unless something drastically changes in the future.