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Manny Pacquiao Jr. interested in history-making pro event with dad

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Manny Pacquiao Jr. says his dad is in shape for a comeback fight if the offer is correct and could return to the professional side of the sport.

Pacquiao Jr. would also be interested in participating on the undercard in a history-making affair for the family.

Watching from ringside as Mark Magsayo prepared for his next outing, fellow US-Filipino Pacquiao discussed the matter as his dad continues to be mentioned in the media by younger boxers.

Manny Pacquiao comeback with son Jr.

“We’ll see. He’s always active. He’s always in shape. Like he’s always running, playing basketball, playing four games, five games at a time, he’s in shape all the time,” Pacquiao Jr. told Elie Seckbach of ES News.

Asked by Seckbach whether he could make his professional debut as his father makes his last professional outing, Junior responded: “We’ll see, yeah. I’ll be ready.”

When his next fight is, Pacquiao concluded: “March 11 in San Diego.”

One potential problem that could scupper the plan is an ongoing lawsuit involving Paradigm Sports, which Manny Pacquiao signed with for a cross-codes battle with Conor McGregor.

The Pay Per View ultimately fell apart, and Paradigm subsequently launched legal action against Pacquiao for loss of earnings.

They also stated they intended to block Pacquiao from competing anywhere worldwide until Paradigm recouped their cash.

Ongoing legal action

“Pac-Man” countered this by stating Paradigm’s initial agreement did not come to fruition.

“PSM repeatedly, emphatically, and falsely promised Pacquiao that PSM would immediately secure a ‘mega fight’ between Pacquiao and McGregor. That’s if Pacquiao signed with PSM as his manager,” Pacquiao’s retort statement informed WBN.

“This bout was undoubtedly appealing to Pacquiao. Especially given that Pacquiao’s historical rival [Mayweather] fought McGregor in a very popular and lucrative bout on August 26, 2017.

“To further induce Pacquiao into an agreement, PSM also falsely promised that it had eight endorsement deals already ‘lined up’ for Pacquiao. And that PSM would advance Pacquiao $4 million if he signed an agreement for PSM to serve as his manager.

“PSM never intended to arrange a bout between Pacquiao and McGregor.”

Pacquiao’s team added on a failed payment: “PSM never secured any of the many endorsements it claimed were ‘lined up.’ And PSM never intended to advance the total $4 million to Pacquiao.

“As further proof of its fraudulent scheme, before Pacquiao and PSM entered into any agreement. PSM had entered into a secret contractual relationship with Pacquiao’s trusted advisor Arnold Vegafria.”

Several opponents have shown interest in facing Pacquiao. However, at 44, even the best have a sell-by-date.

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