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WBC and Ring Magazine embroiled in shocking spat

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The Ring Magazine and WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman have become involved in a shocking spat.

In what seems to be a power battle over titles, both sides belittled the other and traded insults.

It began with Sulaiman giving an interview to a UK media outlet.

Mauricio Sulaiman insults Ring Magazine

“I don’t know why media, champions, and promoters give any credit to a Ring magazine belt, which only threatens the sport’s credibility,” Sulaiman told IFL TV at the WBC convention in Uzbekistan.

“They are a business. They make money, and they are biased.”

The Ring Editor responds to the WBC

In addition, Editor Dougie Fischer gave Sulaiman his views on what was said in a column on The Ring,

“The president of the sanctioning organization that proudly attaches its belt and its brand to pseudo-boxing events and exhibitions like Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr., Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. John Gotti III, and Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou should never mention the word “credibility,” let alone accuse others of threatening the credibility of a sport that was considered renegade before my grandfather was alive.

“The guy in charge of the sanctioning organization that proudly put out a press release stating that Jake Paul would join its cruiserweight rankings if the content creator-turned-boxer defeated unaccomplished prospect Tommy Fury this past February should not talk about credibility or accuse others of being “biased businesses.”

“The WBC’s decision to bring Ngannou (0-1) in at number ten in their heavyweight rankings over far more qualified contenders. [Above] Filip Hrgovic, or Zhilei Zhang, which has very little to do with sport. It’s very much to do with business.

“The choice is obviously biased in favor of the hot name with big-event or crossover appeal.

“To say otherwise is a slap in the face to intelligent boxing fans and media.

Keeping promoters happy

“We know why Sulaiman insists on allowing Jermall Charlo to keep the WBC middleweight title even though the unbeaten Texan hasn’t defended it in forty months. It has very little to do with Charlo’s mental health.

“It’s very much to do with keeping Charlo’s adviser, PBC boss Al Haymon, happy.”

He concluded: “I want to state for the record that I have no problem with the WBC making money from sanctioning fees [and other fees involved with the organization’s “inspectors”)]. The boxing world knows the deal, and the fighters and their representatives are willing to dole out their cash.

“I have a problem with Sulaiman calling The Ring a business threatening the sport’s credibility. My dude, when it’s “pay to play” to move up your rankings and to fight for your world titles [as it is with the other three major sanctioning organizations], your operation is clearly a business.

“Again, I’m not mad at you for running a business. More belts equals more money. That’s good for your business, but that’s not good for the sport’s credibility.

Diego Morilla

A separate response by The Ring‘s Diego Morilla stated: “In his effort to lead a revolution to turn boxing into his own little playground of multiple belts per weight class, Sulaiman has charged against anyone who stands in his way.

“There’s no better way of psyching yourself up to disrespect and disparage your foes than in a chest-thumping session with your buddies in the middle of nowhere.

“Up in the earthquake-prone mountains of Uzbekistan, Mauricio and his cabal of bling salespeople are plotting some earth-shaking measures of their own, hoping to gain all the respect they can’t buy.

“And the result is as hilarious as it is infuriating.”

Sulaiman has yet to respond formally.

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