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Manny Pacquiao left hanging by Floyd Mayweather – again

Manny Pacquiao has been left in the lurch by Floyd Mayweather once again despite talks for a December rematch.

Pacquiao confirmed he was negotiating with Mayweather’s people for an exhibition in Tokyo, which WBN understands would take place on a RIZIN New Year’s Eve bill.

“I have an exhibition match coming in December in Japan,” said Pacquiao in Saudi Arabia when visiting for Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou.

“We’re working on the opponent. We’re working with Mayweather.”

Asked where the fight would occur, Pacquiao replied: “Tokyo.”

Manny Pacquiao spurned by Floyd Mayweather

However, in a matter of weeks, Mayweather announced his intentions to have a rematch, but not with old rival Pacquiao.

Mayweather said: “Kicking Off Super Bowl Weekend – unfinished Business. See You Guys In Las Vegas. More Details Coming Soon!”

“Money” was addressing his forthcoming second fight with John Gotti III. The pair fought earlier this year in an event that ended in a mass brawl.

Several people were injured in the melee, which Mayweather will move from Florida to Las Vegas.

The confirmation leaves Pacquiao in the lurch as his scheduled bout with Muay Thai legend Buakaw Banchamek is uncertain.

Since the official announcement last spring, there’s been no further mention of Pacquiao vs Buakaw. That’s despite the fight being worth a reported $25 million.

A date in January was penciled in for the pair to throw down. Buakaw has since taken two interim fights to add more jeopardy to the Pacquiao agreement.

It’s not apparent what Pacquiao will do from here after he called out Gervonta Davis during the Riyadh Season. Former welterweight contender Amir Khan also offered him an exhibition.

Olympic bid

There’s always the option of waiting for the Olympics in Paris. Despite turning 45 next month, “Pac-Man” is awaiting word from the Philippines Olympic Committee about his possible place in the squad for Paris 2024.

“[I’m hoping to qualify for the Olympics, and I am] waiting for that. I’m excited for that,” said Pacquiao.

“From the beginning, I said when I went to Manila that I wanted to join the Philippine team. But I was rejected because they said I didn’t know how [to fight]. So, I was forced to turn pro at 16.

“‘That’s the reason for this. From the beginning, it’s been a dream in my heart to get a gold medal in the Olympics.

“We’re still talking about the process of the qualifiers if I still have to participate or not. We will have an announcement about it.”

Once again, Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao 2 – a second helping of the richest fight ever – has failed to get over the line.

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