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Home » Rocky: Sylvester Stallone pained as ‘Paulie’ actor Burt Young dies

Rocky: Sylvester Stallone pained as ‘Paulie’ actor Burt Young dies

Rocky Balboa actor Sylvester Stallone reacted to the loss of friend and co-star Burt Young at 83. Young, who played Paulie in the franchise, died on October 8 in Los Angeles.

Young is a much-loved member of the Rocky family, having played the brother of Balboa’s wife, Adrian, in all six movies.

Born in 1940, Young got into acting in 1969 and landed roles in MASH and Serpico on the small screen. On the big screen, major credits included The Gambler and Chinatown before Stallone came calling in 1976.

The rest is history for Young, who would forever be Paulie Pennino to fans of the smash hit boxing series despite amassing 170 roles in his long career.

Right up until his death, Young was a working actor. He had four credits in pre-production when he passed away.

He was due to play a judge in Asleep at the Wheel, Ben Marino in All In, George Stevens in Way of the Warriors, and Patty O’Grady in Street Justice. All four were in production or pre-production.

His daughter Anne Morea Steingieser announced to the New York Times ten days after her father’s passing.

Sylvester Stallone reacts to death of Paulie actor

Stallone responded that same day out of respect for the family.

He said: “To my Dear Friend, Burt Young. You were an incredible man and artist. The World and I will miss you very much. RIP.”

Carl Weathers, who played Apollo Creed in four films and famously kissed Paulie in Rocky III, stated: “RIP, Burt Young! A beautiful and talented soul.

“He was such an integral part of the Rocky family. “You want the bird? Go get the bird.” Paulie will be with us forever! – Be Peace.”

Burt Young Biography

Burt Young enlisted in the US Marines and served from 1957 to 1959. While there, Young was a talented boxer and is rumored to have won 32 fights from 34 contests with 26 by knockout.

He also once claimed he won 17 professional fights under aliases. Young, whether joking or not, stated Cus D’Amato – who trained Mike Tyson – was his manager for a spell.

The New York native outlined he’d sparred with heavyweight contender George Chuvallo in the 1960s.

His real name was Gerald Tommaso DeLouise. However, there’s no record of any pro wins for a fighter under that name.

Before joining the cast of Rocky and becoming an icon, Young was cast in four consecutive movies with James Caan. He filmed Cinderella Liberty, The Gambler,  The Killer Elite, and Harry and Walter Go To New York between 1973 and 1976.

Shortly after, he became immortalized Paulie in Rocky. Later in his career, he would star in The Sopranos and Netflix’s Russian Doll.

Two of his movies, Chinatown and Rocky, were nominated for Oscars.

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