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Home » Ryan Garcia: Terrified Gervonta Davis is going nap time!

Ryan Garcia: Terrified Gervonta Davis is going nap time!

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Ryan Garcia has warned Gervonta Davis as the Golden Boy star finalizes preparations for their Pay Per View clash.

The undefeated super lightweight world title contender boils down to 136 pounds for the contest on Saturday night. However, Garcia remains sure he can still knock Davis out on the night in Las Vegas.

“He’s going to nap time. Nap time can be with either the right or the left. It doesn’t matter,” promised Garcia.

“I think he’s just terrified of the left hook. Once he hears that in his dreams, he starts shaking in his boots, that’s a trigger word for him—left hook.

“He just gets terrified of that.”

Ryan Garcia on Gervonta Davis fight

On what this event means for the sport of boxing at a time when the big negotiations are failing, Garcia added: “This is a huge boxing fight. It can really change the sport’s trajectory and inspire young fighters to get it on right now.

“People are going to love you. They’re going to see that you went out there, fought the best, and gave it your all.

“Even if you win or even lose, you showed them what a champion is in life. You get right back up, and you don’t let negative people that won’t even dare to do anything keep you down because you know where you’re going in life.”

He continued: “To me, this is important to everybody that it takes courage to go after something that nobody believed you could do.

“That’s why I’m standing here today. To make everybody realize that if you’re in there and chase your dream as you’ve never chased anything before, you’ll see something special happen.”

Garcia promises victory

Concluding with a final assurance over the result, “King Ry” stated: “This is a fight to show everybody that I’m great. I’m not daring to be great. I know I’m great.

“I know when I step in the ring, he will feel something he’s never felt. I’m going to conquer him.

“Everything he tries to do, I’ll have an answer for him. Gervonta Davis is not going to beat me. I promise you.”

The winner of the collision will be a top ten pound-for-pound star and have the world at his fists come the early hours of Sunday morning.

Davis vs Garcia is live on Showtime and DAZN PPV networks this Saturday night.

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