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Home » De La Hoya sees huge Davis-Garcia II buys – may not be involved

De La Hoya sees huge Davis-Garcia II buys – may not be involved

Oscar De La Hoya believes Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia II would rival Floyd Mayweather’s Pay Per View record but may not be involved in the event.

Despite the Golden Boy promoter speaking openly about Garcia’s future, his star pupil refuses to commit his future to the former world champion.

Garcia admits his career could move toward another direction as De La Hoya begins planning the next few years for the super lightweight.

Speaking regarding a potential rematch after Davis vs Garcia did 1.2 million PPV buys, De La Hoya sees a second fight doing more than double.

Oscar De La Hoya on Davis vs Garcia II

“A rematch won’t take place anytime soon,” De La Hoya said. “I believe that both fighters will each take their own path.

“They will eventually meet down the road. That’s the beauty of boxing, you know? Gervonta Davis could easily go up to 140 [Garcia’s weight class].

“I believe he’s fought at 140 already, so it would be nice to see him up there at 140. Let him enjoy his victory. Let him get a few more wins and fight more world champions.

“Believe me, when they do it again, if they decide to do it again, that fight can do four million homes easily.”

On Garcia taking his first loss, he added: “Look, it’s boxing. It is what it is, but Ryan Garcia is still an attraction.

“He’s still a star. So, there’s nothing lost there. I think Gervonta will also go up to the stars and Ryan Garcia.

“Now we have two stars, which is great for boxing. Ryan, you know, was doing great, but he got caught with a body shot. It happens.

“Gervonta Davis fought an incredible, amazing fight on to the next. I think our plans for Ryan Garcia are great plans that will get him back to the top.

“Ryan Garcia will continue to improve and learn from mistakes. But that’s what boxing’s all about.

“You win some. You lose some. But you’re doing something right as long as you can grow from it and become a better fighter.”


Giving some tips to Grci bout a comeback, he concluded: “The advice would be you’re as good as your last fight. That’s the bottom line.

“So, as long as you can get a decisive win in your next fight, everything is erased. That’s just the way boxing is.

“This was no easy fight for both guys. It was a great matchup. You know, you win and lose some. But there’s no shame in fighting the very best and giving an excellent performance.

“If you lose, you lose. It’s no – you shake it off and move on to the next.

“That’s what fighters have to understand. If you give it your all and you fight hard, it’s OK. You’re going to lose. You’re going to win if you’re fighting the very best.

“That’s what fighting the best is all about.”

In a separate interview, De La Hoya told Fighthype: “We have a good plan to get Ryan back to the top. He will learn from his mistakes. That’s what boxing is all about!”

Garcia responded to that interview with a bombshell about potentially moving on from De La Hoya.

“I haven’t talked to anyone about how I will move forward. I’m taking time to think about a lot of things. I wanted to make that very clear,” he added.

Davis vs Garcia II would be a great event, as it was the first time. However, whether it would achieve anywhere near the success of Mayweather is highly doubtful.

De La Hoya may find himself ousted by Garcia before the second installment.

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