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Home » Jarrell Miller talks 330lbs+ weight, ‘learning what to put in his body’

Jarrell Miller talks 330lbs+ weight, ‘learning what to put in his body’

Jarrell Miller is no stranger to controversy as the American heavyweight discusses his ongoing weight struggle after making a comeback.

Four years out of the sport took its toll on Miller, who is now three wins into his run toward a heavyweight title shot.

A recent knockout of Lucas Browne cemented Miller’s place in the WBA Top Ten Rankings as “The Big Baby’ plots a huge fight.

Jarrell Miller on heavyweight poundage

Before his victory, Miller was adamant he could get back down to around 300 pounds or below after scaling almost 350 pounds on his return from a drug ban.

“For my last fight, I came in at 340. I’m down to 325. I look a lot leaner than 325, but I’ve been relearning my body over again,” said Miller.

“I’m a couple of years older now. I’m relearning how to eat and diet. I feel amazing. I never was a drinker, and I don’t smoke at all.

“I’m just learning what to put in my body now that I’m a little older. I’ve learned how to eat clean for myself.”

On how the suspension for steroids affected him, Miller added: “I think mentally I have learned how to let certain things go. I’ve learned how to read people differently.

“I have a better understanding of myself spiritually in a way. I’ve gone through other struggles away from boxing, outside the ring.

“Dealing with a divorce, not seeing my kids, so the hunger is still there (to fight). I need to be realistic with myself and know when to criticize myself.

“I know what I need to work on – being a better human being. But understanding what my strengths are and weaknesses are. But at the same time, I’m going in for the kill regardless.”


In addition, he stated: “They say you can never be a man if you’ve never gone through adversity in your life. I’ve always gone through so much outside of boxing [The failed drug tests].

“That’s probably the first issue I’ve gone through in boxing. It taught me much about the people I had in my corner and those I thought had my back.

“I had to stand on my feet firm and believe in myself and have faith in God that I could come through anything.

“I’ve got a great team, including my long-time promoter Greg Cohen. I’m ready to get what’s mine.”

Miller seems to be aiming for a fight with Anthony Joshua after their 2019 fight fell apart during the shock drug findings. Furthermore, with Joshua’s current form, that very well may be possible.

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