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Home » Oscar De La Hoya blurs Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia finalization

Oscar De La Hoya blurs Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia finalization

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Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia is aimed for a Monday announcement, according to which Oscar De La Hoya announcement you listen to from the weekend.

On the one hand, De La Hoya told Golden Boy and DAZN he was hopeful both fighters would take to social media today to confirm the fight.

On another, the eleven-time world champion outlined the fight must be done and dusted by Tuesday.

Speaking to DAZ, De La Hoya said: “Once Ryan Garcia announces and Gervonta Davis announces, which will be very, very, very soon – and I’m hoping Monday, it will be official.”

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia announcement

However, speaking to FightHub TV, De La Hoya gave the fight only another 24 hours to be confirmed.

“The balls are in their court again, but we’re literally right there. I don’t expect them [PBC and Showtime, dual hosts] to return with anything else.

“We’re right there. Everything is settled. Everything is agreed upon. So I strongly feel that Ryan and Tank will be announcing any second now, any minute, any hour.”

De La Hoya then set a deadline on Tuesday for Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia to blow up their social media.

“It has to happen literally in the next couple of days or by Monday or Tuesday. We can’t wait any longer.

“We know this fight will sell out quickly. So we know the Pay Per View will go through the roof. So I’m really excited about this one.”

Davis vs Garcia rematch

The rematch clause, which was a sticking point, is now sorted.

“It’s hard to say what the rematch clause is because it’s very complex and detailed,” outlined De La Hoya. “So, I can’t tell you exactly what it was.

“But everything got worked out. All the major, major points got worked out. If it’s a great fight, there has to be a rematch.

“We’re hoping there are three or four or whatever. These guys are at their peak; they’re at the top of their game. They really hate each other.

“They really want to knock each other out. I don’t know if they hate each other. They want to prove to the world who the best is.”

The one slight problem with a return in 2023 is that Gervonta Davis will serve jail time from May 5. His sentencing is set for that date in Baltimore, and his plea for zero prison time was rejected in a hit-and-run case.

He could get three to five years. However, leniency is expected due to Davis being at the peak of his earning powers. Months, more than years, should be handed down initially, with the rest likely to be served under house arrest.

Davis could still train and fight while reporting back to honor any curfew. Even that scenario would put a second fight with Garcia off until at least December or possibly 2024.

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