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The disrespectful opponent Floyd Mayweather should have faced

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According to right-hand man Leonard Ellerbe, Floyd Mayweather should have fought an opponent who was disrespectful to him.

The Mayweather CEO says he wishes Mayweather would have taught Bradley a lesson for comments made about him after he retired.

Bradley caused controversy in his role at ESPN after a video of his previous comments regarding Mayweather resurfaced.

The former two-weight world champion, who holds one of the most controversial victories over Manny Pacquiao in 2012, continually makes headlines for his views.

Fast gaining a reputation for being a ‘company or network guy’ for his rants on Premier Boxing Champions fighters and pro-ESPN quips, Bradley targeted Mayweather more than once.

Appearing on Max Kellerman’s show, Bradley first aired his views that Crawford would beat a prime, Floyd Mayweather. They were not well received.

Floyd Mayweather branded ‘cocky’

He also branded Mayweather as ‘arrogant’ and ‘cocky‘ – stating he has no time for the five-weight world ruler.

Ellerbe responded to Bradley with a wish that Mayweather could have shut ‘Desert Storm’ up back in the day.

“On everything, he’s the one guy I really, really wish Floyd could’ve fought,” said Ellerbe.

Statements on Crawford, who still have much to prove against the top names despite a lofty ranking with ESPN, don’t ring true.

Years on, and ‘Bud’ is no further in his quest due to a lack of the best opposition. Mayweather may well take this as another slight on his legacy by Bradley.

Comparing the two records, Crawford has a lot to do to reach anywhere near the heights of the ‘Money’ Man.

Floyd Mayweather defeated twenty-plus world champions from his 49 [serious] wins. Crawford has toppled nine from his 39-0 record. A stark contrast.

Yet again, it seems Crawford is way higher than his actual achievements. Something WBN has made apparent for some years.

The Nebraska technician has since ruled himself out of facing Errol Spence over a purse disagreement. Ironically, it’s the one fight today that could help his quest.

Tim Bradley staying relevant for ESPN

This argument isn’t about how good Crawford is, though. It’s about Bradley’s apparent desire to spark discussion, potentially to stay relevant.

Bradley is already a “love him or hate him” kind of analyst. Therefore, going after someone like Mayweather with such ludacrous claims keep him firmly on everyone’s lips.

The PBC incident was another example of this. Again in 2019, Bradley went off on Al Haymon’s stable in stunning fashion.

One of those who fired back was former welterweight ruler Andre Berto.

“Tim Bradley and the rest of that ESPN crew over there better relax on PBC,” said Berto. “Don’t write a check that those fighters at Top Rank can’t cash. Al Haymon for president.”

Coach Kevin Cunningham also aired his views as Bradley went into a flip mode in what at the time seemed an attention-seeking move in some quarters.

It’s worked. ESPN renewed Bradley’s contract again. He undoubtedly falls into the Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith category as a mouthpiece to stir up controversy when and wherever he can.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of experienced boxing writer Phil Jay. Twitter @PhilJWBN. Follow WBN: Facebook, Insta, Twitter.