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Home » ‘Whipped cream finish’ – Deontay Wilder continues strange rambles

‘Whipped cream finish’ – Deontay Wilder continues strange rambles

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Deontay Wilder continues to offer musings to his fans, causing wonderment regarding his headspace ahead of a return.

After spending a long time away from interaction, Wilder is back with a vengeance. “The Bronze Bomber” initially drew worry from fans about his mental state before some pointed out that he could have been reciting song lyrics.

Some of it may have been. However, more worrying is evident as Wilder keeps giving ammunition to those doubting his mindset.

His latest offerings prolonged the debate.

Deontay Wilder’ mood swings’

He said: “The thing about mood swings is they come and go. Beware of whom you surround yourself with. Because their energy/mood can project the way your day will go.

“I want a vanilla surprise sundae with hot caramel and chocolate on the foundation topped with M&M peanuts with a whipped cream finish.”

Wilder also stated: “I hate that the world has more hate in it than love. I love, love. I love the way it looks, and I love the way it Smells👃🏿

Hell, I even love the way it tastes.”

Some of what Wilder had to offer did make some sense. It’s probably more of a ‘who gets it?’ situation.

“If it applies to you, then I’m talking to you,” he pointed out with an ‘its simply’ hashtag.

“Business advice! If one has to waste time talking about how bad the other is in the business, then to me, you’re just as corrupt as the rest.

“You’re just trying to get a piece of the pie – as well.”

Wilder somebody

Another warned future opponent Andy Ruiz Jr. of what is to come for the former heavyweight champion.

“I woke up this morning with training on my mind. It’s about that time. I’m ready to ‘Deontay Wilder’ somebody [KO them].”

Finally, Wilder said in a more profound manner: “It’s ok to live your life how you choose to live it, but don’t forget or neglect the consequences that come with it.

Previous comments that began the process of questioning how Wilder is revealing his thoughts were as follows:

“Being unaccomplished at a certain age in life will give you anxiety, but a strong mindset and a determined work ethic will keep you alive. Providing services to your greatness.”

“Wait, you soul searched by looking into my eyes just to tell me you love me, but in the same sentence, you steal from me? – Now that’s scary.”

“Evil always trying to divide and conquer,” he said before shortly after admitting a startling fact. “Gas stations make me feel vulnerable,” revealed the six-foot-six-inch power puncher.”

“By the show of hands, does anyone else feel not happy right now?” That’s before Wilder made no sense again with, “I love You’ll.”

“They tried to take my existence away, Not knowing they only made me better and much more stronger.”

Take what you can interpret from that.

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