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Disaster for Adrien Broner as opponent makes disturbing admission

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Adrien Broner faces another disaster in his career as his opponent for a return to action on BLK Prime PPV is losing interest in the fight.

Ivan Redkach is ready to pull out of Broner’s contracted debut with the new boxing network over a dispute with his promoter.

Not only did the Ukrainian call his handler Joe DeGuardia ‘The Devil,’ but he accused the promoter of being greedy and attempting to kill the Broner main event.

In another shock, Redkach made a disturbing slur against DeGuardia that is considered derogatory to the LGBTQ+ community. WBN will not repeat the word.

Venting his frustrations, Redkach told Star Boxing [DeGuardia’s company] to take a big chunk out of his purse to allow the fight.

Adrien Broner fight

“This fight with Adrien Broner should happen against all odds. We both want it,” said Redkach. “But there are people who do not want this.

“I respect Adrien and BLK for all his merits. But my god, I don’t want to hear that the fight was canceled thanks to the devil Joe DeGuardia.

“People like him are ruining a boxer’s life. I have no words for a boxer’s dream. I’ll tell the media what a devil he is. I will tell you the truth about who he is.

“He’s a greedy devil and didn’t do anything in this fight for me. He wanted to make all the money on me. I gave him all the money. He still wanted BLK to pay him more.”

Describing his attempts to keep the fight on, Redkach added: “Other people make a decision and act. So there is no point in shaking and worrying, waiting for the result.

Ivan Redkack admission

“It’s just pointless. Remember, if you have already done your best, stop worrying about it.

“Such people should not be in boxing, such as Joe. He should be deprived of the license of the promoter. They break the career of young fighters.”

At present, Adrien Broner vs Ivan Redkach is up in the air with just over a month left. In addition, the fight was already pushed back from February 18th to the 25th.

Fans awaiting Broner’s comeback will be disappointed to learn they could get a substandard opponent, see the fight pushed back again, or, worse, canceled.

That would be another disaster for Broner, who had to pull out of his last bout due to mental health issues.

Broner was one of the biggest names in the sport at the height of his career. His fall from grace hasn’t come without life complications and addiction that many can sympathize with today.

But he needs to fight. For once, getting a smooth ride to the finish line would have been a welcome boost for his career.

Furthermore, Broner hoped to fight in February, June, September, and December 2023. That plan is already under threat.

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