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Home » 20-loss heavyweight recalls folding Deontay Wilder with one punch

20-loss heavyweight recalls folding Deontay Wilder with one punch

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Deontay Wilder has been down many times in his recent career, no thanks to Tyson Fury. However, a previous heavyweight laid ‘The Bronze Bomber’ out first.

Step forward, Harold Sconiers. “Hard Roc” faced Wilder in 2010, as well-documented by World Boxing News.

With more losses [20 to 17] than wins, Sconiers is credited with putting Wilder down for the first time and potentially being the first man to knock him out.

Deontay Wilder laid out

According to eye-witness accounts from those present at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, Sconiers had Wilder down after being dropped twice himself.

Many say both things happened. For the first time on WBN, the heavyweight who dished out the punishment reveals his side of the story.

Speaking to SportBible, Sconiers gave his first-hand account of how he planned and executed the knockdown.

In addition, stating his trainer told him, “‘I got it, I see the shot,'” in the corner, Sconiers revealed what happened next.

“My trainer, he says, ‘I got it. I see the shot.’ He says, ‘Look, you know this kid, he’s tall, he’s fast, but he’s wild. He was, at least at that time. He’s wild.’

‘Every time you throw a jab to the body, he takes both hands and pushes them down. He pushes the jab down with both hands and kind of leans his head out there. That’s the shot.’

‘Next time you go out there, what I want you to do is wait ’til halfway through the round, let him get comfortable with you again, let him feel like he’s got this. Then I want you to fake a jab to the body.

‘Immediately after you faint that jab, I want you to drop an overhand right as hard as you can and as quick as you can. Just throw it.

‘I don’t care if you don’t see it, I don’t care if you don’t feel like it’s going to be there, I’m telling [you this], he’s going to be there to be hit. Throw the shot — trust in me.'”

Sconiers executed a knockout plan

Sconier then put the blueprint into action to a tee. Wilder hit the canvas just like his coach said he would.

Sprawling on the canvas, the count began.

“Okay, hey, get to the neutral corner, get to the corner!'” – A chuckling Sconiers said the ref told him.

He also stated that he was in “shock” at seeing Wilder drop and that “there’s like a picture online of me just kind of like stumbling over to the corner,” about one of the Fantasy Springs images released of the fight as he almost tripped over Wilder’s feet.

Wilder made it up for ten, barely. The current WBC number one then dropped Sconiers twice more to card a fourth-round stoppage.

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