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George Groves smashes crossbar challenge before awful free kick

Retired boxer George Groves smashed the Soccer AM crossbar challenge before ballooning a free kick almost outside the John Arne Riise car park.

“The Saint” was appearing on the popular Sky Sports football show ahead of his punditry work for Chris Eubank Jr. vs Liam Smith.

Discussing the fight with hosts Jimmy Bullard and John ‘Fenners’ Fendley, Groves gave the edge in the January 21st bout to Eubank Jr.

Groves shared the ring with Eubank in the semi-finals of the World Boxing Super Series. He won a close contest after a back-and-forth battle.

George Groves crossbar challenge

After his chat, Groves went outside for the regular end-of-show challenge. Fans attempt to win money if a footballer or non-footballer can hit the back of the net.

In this case, Brentford’s legend Lloyd Owusu was the professional. He would take a shot if the fans got a question correct. It was up to Groves to win them the cash if they didn’t.

Gunning for £200 in prize money, Groves stepped up for the crossbar challenge. Groves dropped the ball bang on the target using an unusual lob technique.

The former world champion was then left with a free kick to secure even more for the Brentford supporters.

Ex-pro Bullard put a little pressure on Groves before he took the kick. Bullard said: “George, if you get this, you’re a legend,” right before the pressure shot.

Three points

Unfortunately for Groves, the kick was more like an NFL punt as it flew over the bar and hit the top of the venue’s wall.

It luckily bounced down but was inches away from entirely sailing out of the studio.

Even ex-Chelsea defender Frank LeBoeuf saw the funny side as he said it was more like a ‘three points’ rugby attempt at a conversion.

During the Soccer AM volleying session, Groves also spooned many of his efforts. The 34-year-old can always point to the crossbar brilliance when looking back.

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