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Daughter of Floyd Mayweather sentenced after stabbing guilty plea

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Iyanna Mayweather, the daughter of boxing great Floyd Mayweather, avoided jail time after pleading guilty to a severe stabbing.

Iyanna, 22, will serve six years of probation after agreeing to a plea bargain where she would do no significant time behind bars.

When first arrested in 2020, predictions were that Iyanna could be sentenced to 20 years. However, she somehow managed to work things out.

Iyanna Mayweather

Mayweather pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Official case files state Iyanna stabbed a love rival several times in the arm during an altercation.

The judge-ordered probation does come with stipulations, though. One is that Iyanna accepted responsibility for her part in the assault.

In doing that, she gets no conviction on her record, provided she avoids several other agreements.

She cannot commit any offenses and use or possess any illegal drug or prescription drugs that are not currently prescribed by a medical professional.

Mayweather must report to supervising officer. She also must work in suitable employment and attend school full-time.

She has to remain within Harris County or any counties directly touching Harris County. And finally, she cannot travel outside the location unless given permission.

Floyd Mayweather lawyer

As outlined by her lawyer, Kent Schaffer, earlier this year, Mayweather could be cleared after two years for good behavior.

“We resolved the case between Iyanna and the State,” Schaffer told XXL. “The agreement calls for Iyanna to be on deferred adjudication for six years.

“After which, she will have no felony conviction, and the case will be dismissed.”

He added: “She is eligible to have the deferred adjudication end after two years, pending good behavior.

“Although we believe that Iyanna was defending herself after being attacked, we thought this was the safest resolution for her.

“This is especially true since her boyfriend and his bodyguards refused to testify, probably due to their legal problems.”

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