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‘Stop driving!’ Errol Spence Jr in third car crash, 14-year-old at fault

Errol Spence Jr. reported a third car crash in as many years as the pound-for-pound star got hit by a 14-year-old driver.

According to reports and Spence, the teenager ran a red light and totaled his SUV.

“He ran the light. F*** my whole s*** up,” said Spence.

Comments on his live video feed included “Stop driving!” from concerned fans.

Errol Spence Jr third car crash

The current unified welterweight star had previously expressed his feelings regarding his first shocking car accident in 2019.

Just days after adding Shawn Porter’s WBC strap to his IBF version, Spence spun his Ferrari and was very lucky to come out in one piece.

Even more startling than that was the fact Spence escaped with only minor facial damages despite the car again being totaled.

Spence was seen in public for the first time just before his comments and still looked shaken by the whole thing.

The American admitted his actions around the time of the crash matched up with what almost took his life. An out-of-control situation.

“I don’t even remember being in the hospital. The only thing I remember is being at home three weeks later.

“I didn’t break any bones, no fractures, no anything…I should’ve lost my life that night,” Spence told Showtime.


Spence added what he took away from the incident: “Don’t take anything for granted.

“Around that time, I was taking a lot of stuff for granted. I think I have headed down that way anyway. I have headed down that path to destruction anyway.

“It was showing. I was already heading to destruction, I think, and that car accident was eye-opening for me.”

Weeks later, Spence got into another wreck which he only admitted to in 2022.

“I got into another accident three months after my accident,” Spence told Kate Abdo on The Good Fight.

“Somebody hit me from behind. It shook me up a little bit, but it’s really hard to really get like, I’m always even keel.

“So, it shook me up, like, ‘that’s messed up.’ But like my insurance company kicked me off my insurance because it was a G-Wagon.

“It was like, ‘He messed up a Ferrari.’ And then I had a [Mercedes] G-Wagon, four-by-four. So, they came out of [paying] like $600,000 in five or six months because they paid me outright for both cars.

“Yeah, they kicked me out of the insurance.”


Spence revealed he still gets PTSD from the first crash, which seems to be the only one he was at fault for.

“When I was driving like I’d have different flashes of like a car just running into me while I’ll be at a red light.

“I’d have flashes of a car hitting me and getting in car crashes all the time when I was just driving down the street or at a red light or anything.

“So yeah, definitely, PTSD is definitely a real thing because I just had flashes all of like getting in accidents 24/7.

“I still have them sometimes, like when I’m driving.”

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