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Floyd Mayweather – Goldbach’s conjecture has his own puzzler

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Floyd Mayweather is the boxing version of Goldbach’s conjecture – the unsolvable puzzle nobody could master.

Goldbach’s conjecture – is one of the oldest and best-known unsolved problems in number theory and all of mathematics. It states that every even whole number greater than 2 is the sum of two prime numbers.”

Mayweather is the best defensive fighter that’s ever lived. He was that good. Nobody comes close to that.

He undoubtedly lands somewhere in the top twenty of all time, and anyone who argues against that is not a boxing fan.

Mayweather was a fight nobody could get to grips with – a seemingly unbeatable boxer. No opponent ever figured him out.

Floyd Mayweather

Despite the praise in some quarters, Mayweather was forced to defend his legacy at a Gervonta Davis fight last year.

They say boxing has evolved – even since Mayweather got to the top of the Pay Per View ladder when overhauling Oscar De La Hoya.

Unless you have that proven Pay Per View star to follow, it becomes increasingly difficult to get there at a steady pace.

With Davis, Mayweather had that man. However, whether he keeps him is another question entirely.

The pair are slowly morphing into each other. Davis is on the right path and has the right mentor.

Gervonta Davis

It may not be long until we have another puzzle to solve. That’s only if Davis stays at Mayweather Promotions.

Mayweather defended his legacy as the former pound-for-pound king unearths solid rants at the media when given half a chance.

But when it comes to Davis, Mayweather blamed himself for his protege not getting the credit he deserved.

I’m not sure what press Mayewather reads, but Davis is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in boxing at the moment. The proof should be in the pudding.

The man has always lamented how the written media portrayed him throughout his career. But at WBN, we give the five-weight ruler nothing but props.

If that’s not enough props for the veteran, we don’t know what is. Davis will follow once he does what Floyd did when he only takes on all comers and champs.

One thing is sure: Mayweather has to keep his charge at all costs despite the sharks constantly circling in the waters.

Phil Jay – Editor of World Boxing News since 2010 with over one billion views. Follow WBN on Twitter @WorldBoxingNews.