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Home » Danny Williams further ruins Mike Tyson KO legacy with 32nd loss

Danny Williams further ruins Mike Tyson KO legacy with 32nd loss

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British heavyweight Danny Williams fought for the 86th time earlier this month, a far cry from his legacy of defeating the great Mike Tyson.

Tyson went down in a shocking upset in 2004. However, Williams has been on the path to oblivion since then.

Defeating a shell of Mike Tyson is a noose around Williams’ neck that he can never shake off. It’s given promoters in Europe the opportunity to bring a fighter over to their shores solely due to the name of the man he conquered.

Nobody will leave Williams alone as he keeps coming back and coming back.

Danny Williams loses again

World Boxing News has been in contact with the Londoner for years, and he’s promised to walk away on many occasions.

But Williams keeps accepting the advances, mainly of lesser commissions on the German and Baltic circuit. Now 49, Williams cuts a lonely figure time and again.

How Commissions keep licensing “The Brixton Bomber” is anyone’s guess.

On November 13, the veteran lost to Nelson Hysa at the Ramazan Njala Sports Palace in Durres, Albania. With the six-round decision win, Hysa moved to 5-0.

This added to a loss in March when Williams traveled to Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

Heavyweight prospect Djuar El Scheich moved to 15-0 with his 14th stoppage by battering Williams without much in return.

A video camera in the crowd captured the shocking action in front of about six people in a soulless gym.

In many of his recent contests, Williams could hardly throw a punch. He’s now lost 32 times as a professional. It’s been three years since his last victory.

Far from the Mike Tyson win

Promoter Lou DiBella had his say on Williams after his 31st defeat.

“Danny Williams continues suffering brain damage caused by the callousness of boxing blood merchants.

“He gets enabled by rogue commissions and irresponsible regulation. This is the dark side of our sport, and it’s disgusting,” said DiBella.

The only victory Williams has claimed since February 2019 came against an opponent with no wins and eight losses.

Since his last loss, Williams has seen a former opponent of his, Mark Potter, die of cancer. Williams famously knocked Potter out with one arm in their British heavyweight title fight.

It was both their claim to fame at the time in 2000. Now that Potter has passed away, maybe Williams will reflect on his tenure.

UK legend Wayne Alexander mentioned Danny when visiting Mark in the hospital before his untimely death.

“This man always had a friendly smile on his face and was easy to talk to; I’ll never forget how close he came to almost beating my good friend Danny Williams in a British title fight.

“This picture was taken by the man himself just a couple of weeks ago. R.I.P Mark Potter.”

Promoter Frank Warren rang the ten bells for Mark Potter at the O2 Arena over the weekend.

Hopefully, Williams will hang up the gloves as he approaches turning 50 in 2023 before it’s too late.

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