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Home » Mark Potter on sharing three rounds and a meal with Riddick Bowe last night

Mark Potter on sharing three rounds and a meal with Riddick Bowe last night

Potter, 38, who retired from boxing in 2003 before embarking on a ten-year cage-fighting career, was forced to end his ring stint recently on the advice of doctors but had no hesitation in accepting an offer to entertain the fans against Bowe in Leicester.

“It was a humbling experience and an honour. We did three quite fast-paced rounds and then we went and had an Indian after – as you do,” Potter told World Boxing News.

“I had followed Bowe all his career; from the fiasco of the Seoul Olympics, to the referees and judging all through his career. To then spend so much time with him and hearing his side of things from Rock Newman to Lennox Lewis was great for me. He’s a very charismatic guy and so approachable.

“In the fight, I caught him with a few left hooks to the body which made him wince and me smile. To be fair though in his prime, because he could fight on the outside and the inside he was probably one of the best heavyweights of all time and it is a shame he is not recognised as such.

“At his best, he would have wiped out them all, me included, but I if could still get a left hook to the body in I would be happy!”

An unsuccessful debut in Muay Thai had preceded last night’s outing for 45 year-old Bowe, who reverted back to his more familiar Queensbury rules for the continuation of his world tour to ease well-documented financial problems.

‘Big Daddy’ had harboured unrealistic hopes of mounting a comeback to the pro ranks at one point over the past couple of years, although the veteran is now enjoying giving his time up for others – rather than calling out the world title holding Klitschko’s.