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Promoter rift, fear of losses, and a two-fight Fury vs Joshua deal

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Frank Warren’s latest comments on the making of Fury vs Joshua show a rift with Eddie Hearn is not helping matters.

The dislike between the British promoters is evident as they continually blame each other or their fighters for the delay.

UK fans don’t deserve what they have already gone through regarding this on-off British showdown. Both men must prove they can act like adults and get the event over the line at any cost.

Warren tells Hearn not to blame the WBC champion for setting deadlines in his latest Daily Star column. While during the whole process, Warren won’t speak to Hearn as they simply don’t get on.

At the same time, Hearn is doing all he can to paint Matchroom Boxing as the most professional outfit out of the two entities in a straightforward tit-for-tat operation.

Why is the Fury vs Joshua fight stalling?

But the cold fact is that Fury and Joshua sign fight contracts regularly. These problems only seem to arise when there are niggles between promotional companies.

Warren explained his side: “Tyson Fury has moved heaven and earth to make the fight with Anthony Joshua happen.

“Firstly, let’s not forget he made the offer to AJ because he wanted to make it happen for the British fans. He also offered the “too good to turn down” split of 60/40 when he didn’t need to.

“Tyson also agreed to a full co-promotion, a seat for AJ at the negotiating table with the commercial partners, and total transparency in all deals. Even an independent mediator to sit in the middle, if god forbid, either side wasn’t happy with something!”

Now, Warren means that they didn’t have to offer all those extras. It’s only because Joshua makes so much money outside of the ring that this is even an issue.

Take it or leave it

Fury offered the deal and made it clear it was taking it or leave it for AJ. But Hearn being Hearn, the Essex man has begun altering the contract and is asking for the offer to be changed. That’s where we currently sit.

The only question is, “What was in the Tyson Fury contract so difficult to agree for Joshua?”

What should have been stipulated from Fury was the fact it was a non-negotiable offer. This way, he could have moved on quickly if it was a firm no from Hearn and Joshua.

There are definitely some stalling tactics going on from the Joshua side. As when you throw a dog a bone, as Fury likes to say, there isn’t much to negotiate.

As usual, only British boxing fans will suffer.

Fury vs Joshua career lifeline

Warren put Fury’s point across as he didn’t need to make this gesture to Joshua. But what Warren and Fury fail to realize is that they are giving Joshua a career lifeline and a career flatline at the same time.

What Hearn is attempting to do is preserve his man for the future. If that means avoiding the fight by making “nonsensical” demands, as Warren stated they were, then that’s down to Joshua’s management team to stop.

“Tyson is the heavyweight champion of the world, the man who sits at the top of the division, offering someone coming off two losses a voluntary shot at his crown.

“However it’s spun by the spin doctors, there is no way Tyson can be to blame for it not happening,” added Warren.

“Actions speak louder than words. Eddie Hearn going on about Tyson setting deadlines may be nice lines in front of the camera, but the reality is when we get told ‘we’re sending something over’ and nothing arrives, what reaction did they expect from Tyson?

“It’s frustrating for him and for the last week or so. He’s felt that deep down AJ didn’t want it.”

Future career

Losing against Oleksandr Usyk in their Saudi Arabia rematch last August was a hammer blow to Joshua’s career. The former two-time world champion has to be careful what his next move is as it could be fatal to his future.

“The Gypsy King” is no doubt trying to get Joshua at his lowest ebb. In comparison, Joshua wants provisions, most likely in the form of a guaranteed rematch, so his tenure can last at least another year.

Many believe this will only lead to three of four losses on the spin and the end of Joshua’s career just a short time after signing an exclusive deal with DAZN.

If he does fight Fury in Cardiff’s Principality Stadium at the end of the year, the ex-WBA, IBF, and WBO ruler must be competitive. His promoter Eddie Hearn knows that better than anyone.

A poor showing from Joshua effectively puts his career in the toilet. That’s really what the situation is right now and probably the biggest hold-up of all for the bout.

Getting a two-fight deal over the line for December in Wales is a must and keeps Joshua in the heavyweight division title picture for the longest time possible and into next year.

Should Joshua suffer the worst fate possible, a trilogy fight with Andy Ruiz Jr. could be his only future saving grace.

His “Road to the undisputed championship” would be forever dead in the water.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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