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Home » Chris Eubank claims his son’s own 157lb limit puts life in danger

Chris Eubank claims his son’s own 157lb limit puts life in danger

Chris Eubank has expressed dismay at plans to force his son Chris Eubank Jr. to make 157 pounds for a fight with Conor Benn.

The former world champion made the claims as Eubank stated he wanted the planned October 8th fight scrapped.

Eubank is worried he will lose another of his offspring after the death of Seb Eubank sent shockwaves through the family.

Chris Eubank

However, some took to social media to state Eubank was using that tragedy as an excuse for an astonishing turn of events.

As things stand right now, the fight remains unaffected until those Eubank accused of endangering Jr. with the weight agreement make an official announcement.

So far, Eubank has made only one statement regarding the death of rapper Pnb Rock. Benn commented on the matter by joking Eubank Jr. has been “grounded” by his father.

More will undoubtedly be released in the coming hours, especially given that Eubank Jr. signed on to make the weight and was pictured eating KFC weeks before the fight.

When the pair confirmed the legacy fight, Benn’s trainer outlined how the 157-pound weight stipulation came about in the first place.

Weight agreement

“I think this fight was always aligned to happen, even from the first day Conor Benn put gloves on,” Sims said.

“It’s always been spoken about. As Conor said, it’s a fight for the British public. It’s probably the biggest fight of this decade or this generation.

“Obviously, I wanted to see the fight happen. I believe in Conor Benn. He’s so diligent in his training and the knowledge of his boxing game.

“I believe that the weight at 157 is what Chris Eubank’s team asked for. We agreed to that. I believe he will be strong at that weight, Conor Benn.

“He spars with all of the world-level middleweights and super-middleweights in my gym day in and day out.

“When he fights these days, I certainly don’t put him in with welterweights for sparring. I always go with middleweights for sparring.

“The welterweights don’t hold up to him. I know what he’s made of. I know what he can bring to the table.”

Eubank Jr vs Benn is in doubt

Whether Benn can bring that to the table in one of Great Britain’s fastest-selling events of 2022 remains threatened.

Mind games are a staple of these fights, especially in the UK, but there seems to be a degree of regret regarding the initial contracted weight.

WBN will update when there’s more.

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