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Home » Canelo “didn’t lose” to Floyd Mayweather, may rival Manny Pacquiao feat

Canelo “didn’t lose” to Floyd Mayweather, may rival Manny Pacquiao feat

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Former Pound for Pound king Canelo Alvarez didn’t lose to Floyd Mayweather and could rival Manny Pacquiao’s eight-weight title feat.

According to his own words, Canelo took nothing away from his 2013 defeat to Floyd Mayweather. That included the fact he got edged out on points.

Speaking to actor Eugenio Derbez about his first career defeat, the Mexican superstar outlined his thoughts on the event.

Canelo vs Floyd Mayweather

At the time, the Pay Per View was labeled “The One.”

Canelo stepped up to the plate as a youngster. He took on the vastly experienced Mayweather at the MGM Grand.

The result was close on the cards but not in many ringside eyes.

Finding it challenging to read Floyd Mayweather’s defensive style, Canelo swung wildly at times and couldn’t find a rhythm. Inexperience did play a big part.

But in reflection, Canelo doesn’t see the reverse as a blemish on his majestical record.

“I didn’t take it as a loss,” said Alvarez. “Afterward, I took it as an apprenticeship.

“I still didn’t have the experience to fight in those scenarios. It was a really boring fight” against “the best fighter in the world.”


Canelo added that he quickly shook off the disappointment on how much it damaged his aura of invincibility.

“It hurt a lot that night. But the next day, I told myself that this would not take anything away from my goal of being the best.

“In boxing, I’m the second Mexican in history who managed to become the best pound for pound.”

Already a champion in four weight divisions, Canelo is tipped to return to the light-heavyweight division in 2023.

Two years from now, Canelo may be a five-weight world ruler if he campaigns at cruiserweight.

Floyd Mayweather achieved the same feat from super-featherweight to super-welterweight.

As his career winds down, the brilliant 32-year-old is planning an incredible run at heavyweight. With the new bridgerweight division in between, there will chance a slight chance to be a seven-weight world champion.

It would be pretty remarkable, especially if Canelo would win a recognized belt at all of the highest limits.

Manny Pacquiao

Going from 154 to the top division would undoubtedly be a Manny Pacquiao-level achievement.

The Pacquiao and Canelo debate would intensify if he somehow put together a world championship run through seven weight classes.

It’s long argued that Pacquiao’s lineal triumph in a non-championship bout only makes him merely a seven-weight ruler himself.

But the main talking point would be whether going from 105 to 154 pounds is a better achievement than going from super-welter to heavyweight.

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