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Home » Kingpin Kevin Johnson fights 386th career round, loses for the 21st time

Kingpin Kevin Johnson fights 386th career round, loses for the 21st time

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US veteran Kingpin Kevin Johnson is rated outside the world’s top one hundred heavyweight boxers after losing for the 21st time in his career.

At 42, Johnson boxed his 386th round when he lost to Victor Faust in the ninth edition of the Hamburg EC Boxing Promotion’s in-house show at the ECB Gym.

Altogether there were again two fights to see, one of them involving ECB heavyweight Victor Faust.

Kingpin Kevin Johnson

Johnson has lost nine of his last ten bouts and is putting himself into the Danny Williams European tour bracket.

Ukrainian-born Faust could not box against Adnan Redzovic, who suffered from Covid. The fight had to be switched two weeks ago, and Johnson’s name came up.

Faust was always the favorite to win. He was adept at using his long jab to keep Johnson at a distance.

He regularly landed with his dreaded right hand at crucial moments, which had already turned off the light for some.

From the middle of the ring, the heavyweight determined the course of the fight round after round. The fact that Faust was increasingly causing damage with hard hands became apparent from the fifth round.

Johnson, who otherwise worked defensively with the “shoulder roll,” now switched to defensive mode as soon as the Ukrainian put pressure on him.

Victor Faust

Although Faust could not realize his plan to prematurely stop the ex-World Championship challenger, he delivered a solid performance.

In the end, after eight rounds of boxing, the result was easily 80-72 on the scorecards. Before that, the 30-year-old Faust could dominate his American opponent, who had already boxed against many well-known heavyweights, including many former world champions, at will.

Faust now has ten wins, seven of them by knockout victory.

Promoter Erol Ceylan summed it up after the fight: “He boxed in a very disciplined manner and dominated the fight from the first to the last round.

“Victor stuck to strategy, didn’t change his pace, and didn’t try to KO him with all his might. Kevin Johnson was always a tough opponent who shouldn’t be underestimated.

“You always have to be on your guard with a veteran who can decide everything in one fell swoop.


“But Victor’s attitude changed after the Miami event earlier this year. Before that, he always tried to win every fight early and provoke the KO.”

Peter Hanraths, who brought Victor Faust to Germany like he once did the Klitschkos, is satisfied with his protégé’s performance.

“Victor dominated the fight in every round. Johnson boxed very cautiously as we know him.

“This fight is also important, and this experience will bring him further forward on the way to the top of the world in the future.”

Hopefully, Johnson will consider his future before reaching the 400-round mark.

On the undercard, Nino Kolicic from Baden-Württemberg prevailed against the very experienced Hungarian Norbert Szekeres.

From time to time, he presented the guest with a few challenges. The points win was sure in Kolicic’s second pro cruiserweight fight after four boxed rounds.

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