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Mayweather vs McGregor II: 51-0 as a pro and 0-2 incoming

Floyd Mayweather is yet to confirm it, but the five-weight legend could be ready to inflict another beating on Conor McGregor.

As with their last meeting in 2017, Mayweather will get paid handsomely for the privilege. As WBN understands it, Mayweather also will look for the fight to go on his professional boxing record.

Mayweather vs McGregor 2 odds

The odds were released for another cross-codes helping of a boxing event featuring Mayweather and UFC’s McGregor.

Not surprisingly, Mayweather is a vast -1500 favorite to take down McGregor, who has limited skill in the squared circle.

McGregor is available at fractions of +1200, which will undoubtedly interest fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship – in which the Irishman usually competes.

Those in the know will see the fight as one of the most one-sided in the history of Pay Per View. McGregor is 1-3 since last his last stoppage at the hands of Mayweather five years ago next month.

Worst boxing record

If true, the event will also give McGregor the worst boxing record of all time, having fought twice and lost twice in top-level boxing contests.

When they traded blows before, McGregor looked utterly out of his depth at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

McGregor was an amateur at best when using an unorthodox style and punching Mayweather with tippy tappy blows on the back of the head many times. Certainly not pretty.

Mayweather has since stated he hardly trained for the fight and that he carried McGregor for ten rounds until getting him out of there when he felt like it.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

Esther Lin

All this doesn’t bode well for future PPV sales. Mayweather vs. McGregor sold over 5.1 million worldwide. Second only to Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

The rumored rematch will be the year’s biggest seller only because gullible casual fans and UFC followers will fork out for it.

But paying up to $99 when everyone already knows the outcome will be a tough sell. Mayweather may have to lower the price.

The build-up is critical. Organizers could find it hard to persuade the knowledgable boxing fraternity to part with their cash for something of this ilk.

Puncher’s chance

As stated in the first meeting, McGregor won’t even have a puncher’s chance. This scenario proved not to be the case in 2017, and the selling point now becomes Floyd Mayweather’s age and grandpa status at 45.

However, Mayweather still has significant speed, even in his advanced years, to avoid ‘The Notorious’ through the process.

It’s not hard to realize just how much of a favorite Mayweather is. However, you cannot fault the eight-weight legend for choosing McGregor as his opponent.

A lack of interest from the former pound-for-pound king facing more YouTubers meant McGregor was the only option left.


Mayweather wanted a Manny Pacquiao rematch this year. But when the “Pacman” signed to fight his own YouTuber [DK Yoo], that got put on the backburner until 2023.

The promise Mayweather initially made to fight Pacquiao again in 2019 hasn’t transpired fully yet.

As for McGregor, it’s hard to see where he’ll go in boxing when he’s pushing a dominated 0-2 record.

Hey, money talks.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

WBN Editor Phil has over ten years of boxing news experience. Follow WBN on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews and Twitter @worldboxingnews.