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Home » Tyson Fury has inflicted the same injury on Deontay Wilder and his trainer

Tyson Fury has inflicted the same injury on Deontay Wilder and his trainer

Tyson Fury heads into his trilogy battle with Deontay Wilder, knowing he’s inflicted the same injury on the former champion and his new trainer.

Malik Scott, who took over from Jay Deas and Mark Breland, suffered a burst eardrum in sparring against Fury some years back.

It’s the same ailment Fury gave to Wilder when they met in February 2020 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. A startling fact not usually evident in a world heavyweight title fight.

As confident as ever, Fury won’t take Wilder lightly but is unwavering in his belief that the fight won’t see the final bell.

“The beating from the last fight has had a physical, mental, and emotional effect on his life. I was worried about him after the way I beat him,” said Fury.

“Deontay Wilder is a one-trick pony. He’s got great one-punch knockout power. I’m going to run him over like I’m an 18-wheeler.

“I guarantee he doesn’t go past where he did in the second fight. I’m looking for a big knockout straight away.

“He said all this stuff about bloodshed last time, and we all know what happened last time,” he added.

Malik Scott Deontay Wilder's trainer
Ryan Hafey


Scott, the man who has the job over overturning a one-sided beating, is adamant the bond he and Wilder possess is strong enough to come through Fury victoriously.

“Deontay and I have always had a chemistry and a brotherhood between us,” pointed out the ex-heavyweight contender.

“Before we talked about moving forward with me as his trainer, I wanted to make sure we had the same chemistry as trainer and fighter that we had with our brotherhood.

“Our chemistry as fighter and trainer by far passes it. I’m impressed with how he’s adapted.

“I believe that with a fighter like Deontay, who has naturally raw power combined with my technically sound background, we match well together.

“Deontay has made the mental adjustments. All I needed was a receptive athlete. He’s already made the adjustments to do whatever I need him to do in that ring.

“I only see this fight going one way. If you just let Fury do what he wants, he’ll do way more than what you want.

“I do not doubt that Deontay will become the two-time heavyweight champion of the world. It will come by knockout,” he concluded.