Comical edited video of Iranian Hulk annihilating sparring partner goes viral

Sajad Gharibi Iranian Hulk


A video showing Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi toying with and annihilating a sparring partner has gone viral for its comic effect.

Sajad Gharibi, also known as The Iranian Hulk’, is just weeks away from his London clash – billed as the most freakish heavyweight battle in history.

In preparation, the mammoth 400-pound beast is squashing oranges with his bare hands and having sparring videos edited.

One of those shows Gharibi throwing his sparring partner around like a ragdoll. He then allows the more petite man to tee off on him.

In the end, Gharibi unleashes his fury on the feeble attempts. He knocks the fighter out for hilarious viewing.

Martyn Ford will be in the opposite corner to Gharibi on April 2 at the O2 Arena in London. Both are on a collision course that is flush with skepticism and anticipation.

Ford is training like a beast and promising to knock the big man off his perch as Iran’s most talked-out strongman.

However, many believe the fight is sure to get called off or that Gharibi will pull out at the last minute.

There’s more than a hint of mystery about the Iranian Hulk since he signed with Bare-Knuckle Boxing in 2019 and a fight failed to materialize.

It’s been three years since he announced his intention to compete in combat sports. He’s yet to step inside the ropes for a paid bout officially.

The video won’t dampen the critics who say Gharibi shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a ring to fight. Or put those who say he’ll run out of steam after a couple of rounds off their scent.

If this fight happens, it will be one to talk about no matter the outcome. On April 2, all eyes will be on London.

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