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Iranian Hulk drops Instagram screening after deleting all suspect images

Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi reponed his Instagram to the public after blocking new followers until they went through a screening process.

After taking a massive amount of trolling and abuse online following his first boxing bout, Gharibi closed his social media on one million followers.

Iranian Hulk

If any new fans wanted to see his Instagram images, they first must have been accepted by Gharibi and his team.

While he switched on the screening option, the administrator took many photos from the Sajad Gharibi Official page. There are now just fourteen left and only seven posts from this year.

One is from 2021, one from 2018, and the rest from 2017. The final one is a poster of ex-undisputed boxing champion Mike Tyson.

His Iranian Hulk persona vanished into thin air after Qazaq Titan dropped and stopped Gharibi in one round.

It was a pitiful performance from Gharibi after months of public relations painting him out to be a massive warrior ready to destroy anyone in the ring.

Doctored Catfish images

Accusations aimed at not only Gharibi but his team allege doctoring of images to make the Iranian look far more significant and imposing than he looks.

The first evidence of this came when Hulk was due to battle Martyn Ford in the UK earlier this year. Gharibi turned up at a Middle East press conference and appeared only half the man he portrays.

Ford massively towered over him and would have eaten him for breakfast. After a mini-brawl went viral, Ford decided to pull out of the fight in fear of hurting Gharibi.

The Briton was one hundred percent correct in doing so. Gharibi went on national TV and broke down, stating his family would disown him.

Boxing stoppage

Just months later, Qazaq Titan Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich took advantage of Gharibi before ending the fight early. Again, Gharibi felt shame.

Gharibi undoubtedly had little knowledge of how to box and needed much more training to be ready for any fight.

A torrent of abuse followed, and Hulk took action. Deleting all suspect images that faced questions of photoshopping was the first port of call.

There could be more damage control to follow as the Iranian Hulk considers his future in combat sports.

At this point, not many promoters would touch him with a bargepole. He can turn it around if he is true to himself.

It’s not over yet.

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