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The Rise and Fall of Iranian Hulk: Sajad Gharibi’s demise a boxing lesson

Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi has kept a low profile since his shocking first-round knockout on his boxing debut earlier this year.

The social media star accused of hoodwinking the combat world faced more questions than answers after appearing live for the first time in a fight.

“Qazaq Titan” – whose real name is Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, devastated Iranian Hulk in the opening session of a pitiful performance.

Iranian Hulk

Before that night, the only previous stain on Gharibi’s reputation was the Martyn Ford fight falling apart. It seems Gharibi was able to recover from that ridiculous situation, though.

Ford pulled out of the main event in London after seeing how different Gharibi looked from his images on Instagram. Nonetheless, Gharibi got booked to a date he couldn’t get out of without paying the penalty.

Ford vs Hulk event organizers at O2 Arena was out of pocket when their bout was delayed and then collapsed. Producers of Hulk vs Qazaq Titan did not allow that to happen.

They locked Iranian Hulk into a watertight contract. It meant Gharibi couldn’t back would without compensating them for his withdrawal.

With days remaining, though, the man afforded with helping Hulk prepare for the fight was worried. He didn’t want Hulk to fight after being unable to improve his boxing skills sufficiently.

Sink or Swim

This scenario left Hulk in a tough spot. He had to take the fight and rely on the little boxing know-how he managed to put into practice. Alternatively, he could pay the penalty for withdrawing.

According to reports, they didn’t have the funds to do that. Therefore, Hulk got back into a corner, which was a question of sink or swim for him.

Alarmingly, he plummeted to the bottom of the combat ocean. It’s a fall from grace unseen by any previous name in weight-lifting or power sports with that many followers.

Since the fight, Gharibi has deleted all images showing him as a massive force, many of which fans believe had faced manipulation.

It seems to be a firm move away from being “The Iranian Hulk” for Gharibi. He is yet to post anything in the aftermath of his boxing debut debacle.

Gharibi’s attempts to capitalize on the YouTube generation of boxing is a lesson to anyone in the future.

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