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Home » Most hellacious KO ever? Pacquiao vs Marquez ‘not even close’

Most hellacious KO ever? Pacquiao vs Marquez ‘not even close’

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A viral clip is doing the rounds of what’s being labeled the most hellacious boxing knockout ever caught on camera, even bigger than Manny Pacquiao in 2012.

And what makes it even more stunning is it’s not even a professional bout!

Two young fighters, one in red and one in blue are ready to trade blows. The red one gets off first and smashes blue to the canvas.

The gumshield can be seen flying out of the blue’s mouth as he lands prone on the canvas. The aftercare leaves a lot to be desired.

A bottle of water and instant movement subsequently was seen as the best way to deal with the astonishing punch.


WBN’s Dan Rafael, with a bit of side tongue-in-cheek, shared the video this week. He said: “This is the worst, most massive KO I’ve ever seen. OMG!”

Questioned on whether it was bigger than Pacquiao’s wipeout against Juan Manuel Marquez, Rafael added: “Not even close.”

World Boxing News is now in the process of finding out where the video clip was filmed and hopefully will have some answers soon.

If anybody knows any information, please inform WBN at

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