Tommy Morrison widow obtains Don King three-bout heavyweight contract

Tommy Morrison Don King Heavyweight

According to his widow, a contract obtained between former world heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison and promoter Don King could have helped clear his name.

Trish Morrison has fought for years to see the documents she hoped would clear Tommy’s name when losing his license to boxing during the 1990s.

Releasing the contract in full for everyone to view, Trish pointed out that had she received them seven years ago, the court would have had to take note.

~ It took me 7 (seven) YEARS to get this contract…
~ 😥people had…

Posted by Tommy Trisha Morrison on Saturday, 9 January 2021

In a social media post, Trish stated the following:

~ It took me 7 (seven) YEARS to get this heavyweight contract…
~ 😥 people had it. 😥 People held on to it. They knew I needed it to win Tommy’s case.
~ it was an essential document that needed filing to help TOMMY clear his name…
~ but these #people didn’t want Tommy to win, so they #withheld this document from the Court.
~ this document was Tommy’s future. His way of supporting his family for years to come.

~ Defendants #under #oath stated this document did not exist and I was lying.
~ Defendants’ actions “caused the interference with contractual arrangements”..a minimum of $10million Tommy’s family could have won..just on this one claim only…
~ I filed it with the Court on DEC.30.2020…
~ But it was seven years #too #late for the Court.
~ Court document #334 confirms this new evidence is too late, and Tommy’s case remains closed.
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Tommy Morrison


Morrison lost his right to box after confusion over a positive HIV test. He subsequently lost millions of dollars in earnings.

Astonishingly. in 2020 court documents #326 and #140 filed by the Nevada Commission confirms, ‘the state defendants never alleged Mr Morrison had HIV in 1996’ and ‘Morrison was never indefinitely suspended on Feb.10.1996’.

The former WBO heavyweight champion died on September 1st, 2013 of cardiac arrest, septic shock septicemia caused by surgical gauze left in his chest to rot by a surgeon in Tennessee.

Tommy’s post mortem on September 17th of 2013 confirmed no HIV and no AIDS. Trish fights on in his name.

Trish recently filed a Motion for DNA/HIV Testing on newly discovered and preserved tissue belonging to Tommy Morrison.

The case remains pending and awaiting an official ruling.

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