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Home » Fa: ‘Deontay Wilder is a bigger puncher than Anthony Joshua’

Fa: ‘Deontay Wilder is a bigger puncher than Anthony Joshua’

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A former sparring partner of both Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua has aired his thoughts on which is the bigger puncher of the two.

Junior Fa, who shared training camps with both over the years, gave a definitive answer regarding who hits the hardest.

The New Zealander was in no doubt that it was the American puncher.

“From what I can remember, from AJ in terms of comparing power, I would say definitely Deontay Wilder is the biggest puncher,” Fa told Sky Sports.

“It’s just a different type of power. I can’t really explain it. I know AJ has got seriously heavy hands, and they’ve got a bit of a snap to it too. But Wilder, I don’t know, man, he’s just got a punch that dazes you straight away.

“In terms of training, I would say both of them are pretty much the same. They both carry great mindsets, which is something that I love to see in fighters as well.

“When I went over and trained with Wilder, that was the biggest thing that I took away was his intensity in training, and he’s there to do a job, and then he gets it done. As soon as training is done, he turns human again.”

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On Joshua, who holds four of the five major titles, Fa added: “I sparred AJ before we knew how good he was, so back in 2011 just after the Commonwealth Games.

“I was very surprised at how good he was. That year, he got the silver medal at the World Amateur Championships. Then he went on to win the gold medal.

“I’d also worked with him before and after the Olympics. I came over for the World Series of Boxing with the Lionhearts.

“Good timing, good power. Very, very good power. He’s very, very focused and very dedicated to the sport,” Fa said of AJ.

Fa continues to be linked to facing compatriot Joseph Parker this year in what could be an eliminator for a future shot at Joshua.

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