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Home » Calls for boxing judge age cap following welterweight SD disaster

Calls for boxing judge age cap following welterweight SD disaster

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Serious questions have been raised again regarding the state of American judging following a shocking welterweight card on Sunday night in Los Angeles.

Lou Moret, a veteran of over 700 bouts, posted an unbelievable and highly unfathomable tally for the Yordenis Ugas vs Abel Ramos clash.

Saying that – the 115-113 totals handed in by Edward Hernandez, Sr, and Zachary Young were only slightly better because they gave the correct winner the rightful victory.

Welterweight fight

One line indeed said it best in the results round-up handed to WBN by Premier Boxing Champions.

“After the feel-out first round, Ugas landed ten jabs or more in the next 11 rounds, according to CompuBox. In total, Ugas threw a career-high 504 jabs, landing 160, also a career-high.”

Ugas vs Ramos welterweight

Therefore, how on earth Ramos was given five rounds with two judges and EIGHT with Moret is impossible to determine.

Ramos, at best, won two a slight share of three rounds. So how Moret came up with 117-111 in his favor is anyone’s guess.

At the age of 76, the first realization was maybe it was time for Moret to call it a day.

Lou Moret

Of late, a portion of Moret’s major cards has also been more than questionable.

In April 2019, Joshua Franco defeated Oscar Negrete via a split decision. Two officials gave it to Franco 97-93 and 96-94, but Moret saw it the other way, a massive 98-92 for Franco.

Just five days earlier, it was a similar story for Jorge Cota vs Jeison Rosario. Two for Rosario at 97-93 and 96-94. But for Moret, he had none of it – scoring 97-93 for Cota.

Maybe it was just a few bad days at the office for Moret over the last eighteen months? – Or maybe we need some sort of re-test for senior judges once they pass a certain age.

Some on social media were calling for a possible age cap or retirement.

One comment took things a little further than that.

“Everyone make sure to email the California State Athletic Commission letting them know that Dr. Lou Moret should be fired for his atrocious scorecard! Lou is either incompetent or corrupt,” said the irate Tweeter.


Ugas himself was more philosophical than that and was just happy the right man won.

“I set a goal back in Cuba when I was a child to become a welterweight world champion, and I accomplished that goal tonight,” said Ugas.

“I’m so grateful to everyone who helped me along the way.

“Ramos was an adamant opponent, and I knew it would not be easy, but I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away.”

He added later: Thank God, my team, my family, and all my fans for this great night. Thanks, Abel, for being a great competitor.

“I have lost three close and divided decisions in Los Angeles. You can already imagine why. My first win in Los Angeles. It has been very difficult to compete here.”

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