Chris Eubank trying a KFC Bargain Bucket for the first time is stupendous

It’s usually nothing to get exciting about when someone tries a Kentucky Fried Chicken for the first time, but when Chris Eubank does it things are a little bit different.

And the former world champion boxer trying Tango after a 35-year wait? – Don’t get him started.

Undertaking the task with Stevo The Mad Man, Eubank Sr. was every bit his usual self as he tucked into a Bargain Bucket.

Teaming up with UNILAD, Stevo and Eubank created TV gold as ‘Simply the Best’ though his KFC was nothing short of stupendous!

Eubank was already on top form when he arrived in his usual dapper dress. Before being told to calm down by Stevo within minutes of the camera rolling.

When he tasted the Tango, a fizzy drink that grew popular during Eubank’s heyday of the 1990s, he almost hit the roof.

Standing on his chair, a clearly sugar-rushed Eubank declared ‘it’s big’ in regards to his small size beverage.

Moving onto the first chicken leg of his ‘Bucket of Bargains’ taste test, Eubank was clearly loving the monosodium glutamate (MSG) umaminess.

Pulling a scrunched up face from the instant hit of saltiness, Eubank soon broke out into a dance.

‘This is truly stupendous’ – declared Eubank.

He then moved on to offer some probably unwelcomed advice to boxers that they should tuck into a KFC after working hard to lose weight in the gym. Probably not, sir.


Asked how he was feeling by Stevo, Eubank added: “I feel good!” as he tried to get to grips with the party in his mouth.

Over-giggling, Eubank then went off on one about the time James Brown brushed his hand. Apparently, he’s been imitating him ever since.

At the climax of his tale, Eubank broke out into dance. Stevo obviously didn’t appreciate this as he told the veteran fighter to sit down.

In Part III, Eubank tried KFC Gravy, and yes – you’ve guessed it, found it stupendous. A ten out of ten from Mr. Chris Eubank.