Fans seriously worried about Errol Spence Jr. mental state after gun video

Errol Spence Jr Gun


Welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. has been posting more videos than usual of late, some of which have fans concerned about his mental well-being.

Eight months on from a car accident that nearly killed him, Spence is enjoying life on a ranch and giving his followers a glimpse into his new lifestyle.

But a more recent post, dated July 29, saw Spence riding around with a loaded AR-15 rifle.

Spence claimed it was due to coyotes trying to kill some of his calves, although the nature of his social media activity has caused significant worry.

Replies to Spence immediately compared him to Jermain Taylor, who had a public meltdown in 2014.

Taylor was given a suspended 19-year prison sentence at the time for allegedly shooting a family member.

Some believe Spence is not one hundred percent since his near-death experience, with one stating: “I really hope he still the same after the accident.”

Whilst others expressed their hope that something more serious wasn’t going on with Spence.

‘Boxers with guns = bad idea,” stated a further post.

Seemingly rambling in the clip, Spence has a different look about him these days. But that’s not to say anything untoward is going on.

It’s just concerned fans expressing their views that the unified title-holder may need to take things a little easier.

Others are also worried about the fact Spence is in charge of a vehicle after the awful events of October last year.

“Is he riding a bike? This guy is going to ruin his career forever,” stated one post.


Chasing coyotes with a gun during his downtown is not the norm for any boxer, in reality. But it’s the incoherence from Spence which seems to be causing the most worry.

What the longer-term effects of that highly serious incident in Texas last year will be down the line is anyone’s guess.

“That car accident messed the boi up. Wear your seatbelt people,” said another, whilst a final one pulled no punches.

“The f— is wrong with you guy? You’re a world boxing champion and you running around acting like you’re from the streets. And with a gun like a dumb—. Get yo s— together!”