Manny Pacquiao advisor among those critical of brutal seven-second KO

Female Golden Boy star Seniesa “SuperBad” Estrada scored a dangerous and hollow seven-second knockout which has since been criticized by Manny Pacquiao advisor Sean Gibbons.

Estrada, who has a record of 19-0, 8 KOs due to the win and hails from East Los Angeles, recorded a first-round knockout win against Miranda Adkins.

Adkins was previously undefeated on 5-0 with 5 KOs, but if you look closely at her record she had no business being in the ring with an 18-0 WBC Silver champion.

Winning all her bouts against fighters who had never registered a SINGLE WIN between them, it was quite shocking she was given the chance.

The Topeka, Kansas was placed in a scheduled eight-round defense of Estrada’s green belt. The fight only lasted seven seconds.

After the lightning contest, which DAZN was also blasted for publicizing as a major record-breaking feat, Estrada admitted it was tough getting an opponent.

“It was the outcome I expected,” said Estrada. “I give her respect for stepping into the ring with me while having a 5-0 record.

“If it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have had an opponent tonight, so I thank her. Hopefully next time I can fight someone who is a world champion.

Golden Boy DAZN Estrada
Tom Hogan/Golden Boy

“I give Adkins so much credit because she stood up and took the fight. Due to the COVID situation, we tried to get current champions, former champions.

“Miranda was the only one who stepped in to take the fight. I had more experience than her in the professionals and amateurs, so I let my punches go and couldn’t stop.

“I knew the outcome would be a knockout for sure but didn’t know how long it would take. God bless Adkins and hope she is okay.

“I want all the champions, I’m ready for it! At 105, 108, or 112 lbs. I want Anabel Ortiz who has the WBA title at 105 lbs., and Yesenia Gomez who has the WBC title at 108 lbs.

“I want a world championship fight. Marlen Esparza, l will give her the rematch. Let’s go!”

Golden Boy DAZN criticism Manny Pacquiao


Manny Pacquiao advisor Sean Gibbons was among those who let rip at the matchmaking, branding it embarrassing.

Cornerman Russ Anber also joined in with his view that Golden Boy and DAZN should not be celebrating a win like that.

Respected analyst Al Bernstein was too highly unimpressed.