Jarrell Miller pops dirty AGAIN, faces life exile from boxing for doping

Jarrell Miller

📸 Ed Mulholland

WBN has learned that Jarrell Miller has tested positive yet again and has been removed from a planned July 9th return to the ring.

The heavyweight recently signed for Top Rank and was making his first appearance since testing positive for three banned substances in 2019.

Jerry Forrest was named as his comeback opponent. ‘Big Baby’ hasn’t fought since November 2018.

Prior to challenging for the world title against Anthony Joshua, Miller popped for a trio of separate steroids. He apologized but was never suspended.

This is due to Miller not being in possession of a boxing license. Something that certainly saved Miller from at least a two-year ban.

Miller now faces being exiled from boxing permanently. It comes after he lost a $7 million payday versus Joshua.

He also could have arguably been world heavyweight champion as Joshua was beaten badly on the night by Andy Ruiz Jr.

Joshua looked jaded at Madison Square Garden on June 1, 2019. Like a rabbit in the highlights. Miller’s unthinkable actions have already cost him so much.


The reaction has come swift to the news, with many boxing personnel calling for Miller never to be allowed near a ring again.

Promoter Lou DiBella said: “I am beyond angry at boxing. Our entire industry is shameful for not having compelled him to be tested after the AJ fiasco.

“Where was every US Commission, the ABC, or the rating organizations. I have known Big Baby forever, but this is STRIKE three!.

“He needs a psych evaluation.”

Former world champion Sergio Mora, who was due to work the Joshua vs Miller fight for DAZN as a commentator, was dumbfounded.

“Goes to show you not everyone deserves a second chance. Especially when a cheater failed three different PED tests the first F—ING TIME!

“Fool us twice shame on the sport,” he added.

Top Rank had hoped to rebuild Miller’s reputation in the coming months. There’s absolutely no chance of that now.

Phil Jay is Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay