The latest Tyson Fury ‘cheat’ allegations vs Deontay Wilder are ridiculous

Deontay Wilder allegations

New allegations have erupted on social media and on YouTube regarding Tyson Fury following his February demolition job on Deontay Wilder.

Not content with the ‘floppy gloves’ storm or the ‘suit was too heavy’ debacle, some have decided to continue coming up with conspiracies three months on.

The latest pair of theories as to why Fury beat Wilder, despite a convincing performance in Las Vegas, should be heard and open to challenge.

Ishe Smith, a known defender of Fury’s amidst several previous targets placed on his back, shared both of those recently.

The former world champion and Floyd Mayweather fighter pointed out just how ridiculous accusations involving Team Fury, ‘spiked water’ and loaded gloves, actually sounded.

We’ve all heard what ex-sparring partner Nick Asberry said about padding being removed in sparring. This was then dug up after Fury’s recent victory – but at the time – alluded to the first fight against Wilder.

Well, this time around, those claims have gone even more hardcore. Now, some of those throwing mud at Fury stand convinced there were actually ‘metal objects’ in his gloves.

A shocking declaration with no evidence to back it up whatsoever.


But not to leave it there, the new gloves allegations were paired with a ‘spiked water’ theory aimed at a member of Wilder’s team.

They state a member of Fury’s entourage paid a Team Wilder member to put something in bottled water the former WBC Champion would then drink.

That explanation was then married to Wilder’s interview with Premier Boxing Champions. ‘The Bronze Bomber’ had said he’d ‘get rid of the snakes’ in his camp.

Everything that has been placed out in the public, which of course some take as true, is absolutely baseless and without foundation.


WBN tried to clear up the first glove controversy. Fury cornerman Jorge Capetillo even attempted to demonstrate how the boxer used his ring attire.

But it remains clear that no matter what accusations get debunked, some are adamant Fury is a cheat. They simply won’t hear anything to the contrary.

Videos bandied around on YouTube also seem to be largely unregulated. This means anyone who is anyone can simply allege anything they like without any fact-checked evidence.

It’s a situation that must be regulated. That’s in order for the YouTube side of the sport to be fully taken seriously.

Situations like this are damaging to that field.

Deontay Wilder lost, he knows it and will come back stronger. Of that, there is no doubt when the trilogy happens.

February 22nd is in the books so let’s leave it there. Fury won fair and square. Now we all must move on.

Phil Jay is Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay