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Home » Footage of exact moment Floyd Mayweather lost tooth to Marcos Maidana

Footage of exact moment Floyd Mayweather lost tooth to Marcos Maidana

Floyd Mayweather took a whack to the face so hard from Argentinian hardman Marcos Maidana that he walked away from the fight without a full set of teeth.

In the clip provided, Maidana throws a thunderous straight right hand as Mayweather’s steps in. The slowed-down video evidence shows the of the pound for pound king’s tooth fly into the air.

At the time, Mayweather didn’t display any signs that he may be suffering any ailment. Although in his corner he did complain one or two times during the Las Vegas bout.

Giving his post-fight interview to Showtime’s Jim Gray after retaining his three world titles via a decision, the American obviously didn’t divulge the situation. But the video evidence is there for all to see.

Maidana’s power is considerable as he has shown many times in the past. Mayweather was clearly shaken to his boots by the shot at the end of round three.

The bell came at the right time for Floyd, who then took a couple of minutes to get his head clear. That sole punch could have been the exact moment Maidana earned himself a lucrative rematch.

It’s since emerged that Maidana kept Floyd Mayweather’s tooth as a keepsake and has it around his neck on a chain.

The gnasher was found in the ring after the fight and Maidana takes great pride in having that memento. He shared it on social media.


Mayweather has never openly admitted or denied this was the case, which itself tells part of the story.

Back in training for some time now, Maidana is set to fight a heavyweight kickboxer in an exhibition before embarking on a comeback.

Walking away with over $10 million from the Mayweather double in 2014, Maidana retired at the tender age of 29.

Now, approaching his 37th birthday, the two-weight world champion is ready to see how much is left in the locker.

Only the coronavirus outbreak put a block on Maidana fighting as early as last month.