Ex-coach Teddy Atlas breaks down Mike Tyson comeback like only he can

Teddy Atlas was an integral part of Mike Tyson becoming the youngest heavyweight champion of all time. A young ex-fighter-turned-trainer at the time, Atlas was Tyson’s first coach as a teenager.

Under the guidance of the great Cus D’Amato, Atlas took sessions as his mentor ran the rule over his household of prospects in the early 1980s.

Tyson was not only one of those, but the New Yorker was quickly the main star of the group.

Not always seeing eye-to-eye over the years, Atlas and Tyson hold mutual respect. Therefore, Atlas is the perfect person to run the rule over Tyson’s comeback at 53.

In a superb video posted via his official account @TeddyAtlasReal, the coach was in fine form when breaking down Tyson’s moves as a veteran.

“He digs to the body, moves the head. That was one of his signature moves,” said Atlas. “He’d move his head, make him miss, and create an opening like I said.

“Decent speed, the speed is still there. Throwing with bad intentions. He’s putting his body into it, swiveling into it. Putting his back into it.

“He’s putting every ounce of himself into it. Not just hitting the surface, going through the surface!”

In a further comment, Atlas added that Tyson should not be competing for too many bouts when approaching his mid-50s.

“Great athletes never lose their genetic gifts or muscle memory, and fans always dream. It’s all good, but can we maybe hold off on a 10 fight deal. Glad @MikeTyson looks healthy and happy,” he concluded.


‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ is set to don the gloves again following a fifteen-year absence. Talk of a Middle East trilogy fight with Evander Holyfield continues to fill column inches.

Shannon Briggs has also thrown his hat into the ring to face Tyson. Therefore, ‘Iron’ Mike definitely has more than one option open to him.

As WBN exclusively revealed earlier this month, ex-opponent Danny Williams also instructed his agent to make an offer to Tyson for a rematch.

Whatever happens, fans are enjoying seeing Tyson throwing punches again after a troubled time outside the ring.

The one-time undisputed top division king has once again proved himself to be the biggest name in the sport – by a long way.