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Returning Marcos Maidana ‘not ruling out’ Oscar De La Hoya

Former world champion Marcos Maidana is eyeing a massive clash with Oscar De La Hoya as the number of retired legends returning continues.

Maidana has lost a ton of weight to get fit enough to battle kickboxer Jorge ‘Acero’ Cali. The bout was due in April but postponed until after the coronavirus crisis.

After completing that contracted bout, Maidana and his team are set to pursue Golden Boy Promotions Chairman De La Hoya.

Chino Promotions stated: “He (Marcos) began to organize the Maidana calendar. Therefore, after the combat with Acero Cali, we are seeing the possibility of (contacting) Golden Boy.

“We do not rule out that it would be an excellent challenge (for Maidana) vs Oscar De La Hoya.”

Focusing on where the clash may occur, Chino asked fans to get involved by adding: “What do you think?

“Which arena would be the most convenient for this fight?”

No doubt, considerable interest would accompany any match involving a comeback for De La Hoya.

At 47, Oscar De La Hoya continues to tease another fight despite being out of action for twelve years.


The promoter has stated he’d have the better of many fighters since stepping away from trading blows.

Conor McGregor has been a target in the recent past due to Oscar De La Hoya stating it would only take him two rounds to get the job done in a boxing match.

For now, the ring legend has chosen not to address the advances of Maidana and his team publicly.

The ten-time world title-holder may decide to join the party soon, though. One which involves both Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield making their intentions clear.

Both heavyweight greats are officially taking part in charity bouts. Moves have instantly led to fans putting two and two together.

Oscar De La Hoya’s defeat to Manny Pacquiao remains his last ring activity.

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