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Marcos Maidana says he has Floyd Mayweather’s tooth on a chain

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Marcos Maidana continues to push his chances of a third fight with Floyd Mayweather after revealing he keeps the American’s tooth on a chain.

The molar is said to be from the first fight when Madiana pushed Mayweather hard to earn a lucrative rematch, has been mounted on a pendant to wear around the Argentine’s neck.

It represents the biggest money-earner of Maidana’s career and duly sent ‘Chino’ into retirement at the age of 29.

Maidana walked away with a heft eight-figure check from the two contests in 2014, more than enough for the two-weight world champion to call time of his career.

But four years later, Maidana got the itch again. He was even offered a three-fight deal with Al Haymon in late 2018.

Eventually, Maidana rejected the deal as he wasn’t ready and still had a ton of weight to lose. A year later and Maidana had dropped 30 kilos plus.

He then signed on to fight kickboxer Jorge Cali in an exhibition but has clearly set his sights on another professional encounter once that fight is over.


Mayweather is firmly the target. Even forthcoming opponent Cali recently told WBN he believes Maidana could win any trilogy.

“I think Maidana is already under 30 kilos from his previous weight and has undoubtedly shown his desire to return to the ring,” Cali told World Boxing News exclusively.

“Maidana is still only 36 years old and he can definitely come back (to full-time professional boxing). He could even say to improve his level. I know he would believe that if he had a new fight with Floyd, Marcos could win with no doubts this time.

“I think we all saw the first fight and think he won it. That’s why there was that second one where Floy proved to be the undisputed number one.


“That was in 2014. Only Marcos Maidana knows why he retired and maybe he would never say it.”

Returning to the gym, firstly to tune-up and secondly, to begin training family members, Mayweather definitely has the bug again.

Whether that’s enough to entice him to fight Maidana or even Manny Pacquiao is another story entirely.

At 43, time is fast running out for Mayweather to make a decision. Maidana will certainly be one of the key players should Mayweather decide on one final fling.

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