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Home » Manny Pacquiao mimics Floyd Mayweather, hosts son pad session

Manny Pacquiao mimics Floyd Mayweather, hosts son pad session

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Manny Pacquiao has become the second legend in as many weeks to take a pad session with his son on the back of rival Floyd Mayweather doing similar.

The 41-year-old eight-weight champion was teaching his son Manny Jr. (or Jimuel, as he’s known) a few moves as the pair enjoyed hitting mitts.

Pacquiao’s long-time wife Jinkee posted the video of her husband and son readying for the lockdown to end and boxing to begin.

Jimuel, 19, has been dipping his toes into the sport for the last year. The teenager has participated in several bouts at an exhibition and amateur level.

Manny Pacquiao Jr.

It’s hoped Manny Jr. will follow in his father’s footsteps, although Manny Sr. refuses to put any pressure on his offspring.

Whatever the situation is, and if Pacquiao plans to eventually train his son, Jimuel certainly has the bug.

Like Mayweather with his son Koraun recently, the two former opponents and future Hall of Famers are enjoying some family due during the current pandemic.

With both similar in age, who would bet against Jimuel and Koraun entering the paid ranks and eventually facing off in the pro ranks?

Even in an exhibition capacity, the fight would garner worldwide interest.

Boxing sons

In the United Kingdom, there were rumors of a possible fight between Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn’s sons in the future on the back of one of the fiercest rivalries in all of boxing.

The British former world title-holders met twice in the ring. They had clear hatred for each other until making peace later in life.

Seeing Conor Benn and Harlem Eubank taking to the ring in anger would also spark interest on UK shores.

Harlem in 9-0 in the super-lightweight division. Whilst Benn operates a division above and is yet to lose in sixteen contests.

Pitting them together would be a promotional dream, although there have been reports that Conor and Harlem have struck up a friendship.

That’s never stopped fighters before.