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Eddie Hearn wants fan opinions, gets startling replies

Promoter Eddie Hearn loves a game of tweet and answer, but one particular post on Wednesday backfired in spectacular fashion.

The Matchroom boss asked fans for five things they want to see happen soon as the lockdown due to coronavirus continues.

Dillian Whyte’s B sample was one of the major replies to Hearn’s tweet. Plus, a reprimand of Martin Bakole.

Here’s what he said:

“Another day but another day closer to the end of this!

“Write down five things that you want to get done by midnight tonight and tick them off as you go.

“It doesn’t matter how big or small, set targets and keep some kind of plan and focus! Be well people.”

After a few masturbation and everyday cleaning responses, the replies soon turned on Hearn.

One read: “See Dillian’s UKAD B Sample.”

This is referring to the saga when Whyte was on the verge of a doping ban but managed to convince UKAD he’d done nothing wrong late last year.

Dillian Whyte Eddie Hearn video

A second one stated: “A response to Martin Bakole posting a Child Porn Video.”

This relates to heavyweight Martin Bakole putting a sick and shocking video of child porn on his social media in an attempt to make derogatory remarks about what went on.

Bakole soon deleted it and apologized.

Of the many replies to Hearn, around 5% were positive and the rest were complete trolling or stupidity.

Some read: “Eddie shut the f— up mate. You’re a boxing promoter, not a motivational speaker.”

“F— off Eddie, I’m sick of putting ticks in a book, mate. Me birds got me up the f—in wall with Mrs. Hinch books and lists and clothes with all random fellas’ names.

“I wanna go out. I wanna get p—ed and watch boxing again.”


Another gave Hearn both barrels on trying to convince fans he could get Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua over the line despite two contracts being in place with opponents for both.

It’s safe to say most of the five things Hearn asked his followers about he probably didn’t really want to hear.

But that’s Wednesday.

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