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It only takes one case at UFC 249 and sport faces lockdown

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Combat and wannabe boxing promoter Dana White is hell-bent on staging, not only UFC 249 on April 18, but potentially many more events as a worldwide crisis deepens.

As most of the planet remains on lockdown, White is not waiting for any developments of the coronavirus curve. He’s simply going for it.

WBN explained on Tuesday that boxing will be looking to work out some lockdown-type measure themselves in order to stage fights, although most believe it’s far too early to do so yet.

That’s why White is polarizing audiences with his intent. The UFC boss is currently dicing with reputational death.

Dana White

With the vast majority of people worried about the spread of this disease and content to stay quarantined until deaths begin to slow, White has a big problem on his hands for one reason.

Simply put…COVID-19.

If one fighter competing on the forthcoming card tests positive, or even worse, gets gravely ill to this virus, White would become the scapegoat. He could also prevent any future combat sports events from taking place for a long time to come.

It leads plenty to question…is it worth it just yet?

Putting himself firmly in the firing line, White is being perceived as placing money in front of the lives of his competitors and staff. Coupled with taking much-needed medical staff away from hospitals.

Can’t he wait?

So why can’t he wait a few more weeks?

Well, there are some of those who White wanting to test the Pay-Per-View waters in the current climate to gauge the profit margins. This is totally wrong.

There seems to be no single good reason for this forthcoming event to go ahead at this stage. But White doesn’t mind being the potential fall guy.

Stringent screening of all fighters is all good and well. But it will only take that single case for it all to come crashing down.

How bad that case turns out to be could also have a long-term effect on White being the continued poster boy for UFC.

Safety is paramount – even more so now.

On the flip side, and if there are no cases, surely some similarly gung-ho boxing promoters out there will have their respective ears pricked.

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